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Making a Pseudo Lager

What is a Pseudo Lager? For the purposes of this article it will refer to the creation of a lager-like beer with greater flexibility by using an ale yeast. Defining a Pseudo Lager beyond this can get tricky; technically ‘lager’ simply refers to an extended aging of the beer at cooler temperatures, which any beer… Read more »

Maintaining A Healthy Yeast Bank Long Term

One of the most important things you can do to brew great beer is ensure you have a healthy, unstressed yeast population. From pitching rates, fermentation temperature, avoiding contamination by competitive organisms, all the way through bottle conditioning; an unhappy yeast culture will kill a batch faster than you can drop a 5 gallon glass… Read more »

Creating Vector Beer Labels in Inkscape

***READ BEFORE CONTINUING: This is not an Inkscape tutorial. There are already a ton of these across the web that will explain the software better than I can. This is a guide to developing ideas, layouts, and graphical components of a label.*** What is the first thing you notice when having a beer? You notice… Read more »

Beekeeping 101

Bees are one of nature’s most amazing and complex insects, and one of the more useful for humans, flora, and fauna. Pollination of plants and flowers is crucial in farms and agriculture, as well as for wildlife. Beekeeping is especially useful now due to the increasing rate of bee colony collapse disorder around the world… Read more »

Budget HERMS System – Part Two

Initial considerations First, I strongly suggest that if you haven’t read Part One of this series, it might be a good idea to do so. In that segment, I discussed my reasons for using the approach described here. This portion is more of a hands-on, procedural description of how to achieve that which has already… Read more »

Easy Yeast Washing

After using a couple of different liquid yeasts for the first time, I decided that since they cost $6.50 a pop, that it’d be the most economical to wash the yeasts for re-use. And being retired, I can’t afford to spend a whole lot on the needed equipment to do so. Enter Giant Eagle and… Read more »

Custom Danby DAR440BL Conversion

Inspired by HomeBrewTalk members. Thanks to all of those who have posted on this topic. First step; find the refrigerator for the best price. Got mine on Amazon for $169 with free shipping. Next, remove and modify the door. The model that I bought had the interior door panel glued on. I carefully removed the… Read more »

Japanese Beer Server/Dispenser

For those of us living and brewing in Japan, you know that space is limited and supplies can be hard to find or very expensive. Japan typically has their own way of doing things, and beer servers/dispensers are no exception. Instead of chilling the whole keg, these draft systems consist of a jockey box-type dispenser… Read more »

HERMS Brew Station

At the moment I decided to build HERMS I got two kegs and plastic bucket. I decided to use bucket for HLT only temporary, but with time it turned out as cheap and functional solution, it is made from HDPE(High-density polyethylene) which can withstand higher temperatures (120 C/ 248 F for short periods, 110 C… Read more »

Plating Yeast & Selecting Colonies

I’ve seen several articles on this site about the proper way to slant yeast but haven’t found one that shows the process of streaking yeast onto a plate and selecting individual colonies. This is the method I use. It’s not flawless and it certainly has room for improvement but it’s cheap and works well for… Read more »