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Experimenting With Ingredients In Your Kitchen To Make Prepackaged Kits Unique

Kits are a staple of the homebrewing scene. Put together by your local homebrew shop or the big online retailers, they are all-in-one boxes that give you everything you need to create beers that are time-tested and brewer-approved. Sometimes they are clones of popular craft brews, other times they are retailer exclusives that recreate classic… Read more »

Be a Better Brewer: Get SMaSH’d On Brew Day

There’s an easy and delicious way to improve your beer creation skills. Just get “SMaSH’d” on brew day. Not smashed as in “drink a beer make a beer,” but SMaSH’d as in brewing Single Malt and Single Hop beers. Brewing SMaSH beers dials you directly in to the abundantly flavorful and educational essence of two… Read more »

What’s In A Name?

Many of us first felt the call to homebrew after tasting a great hand-crafted ale or lager at a local brewery or brewpub. That magical sip bursting with flavor, the aroma wafting up from the head, the intricate lacing left in the glass. There really is nothing like the moment you realize that this is… Read more »

Developing your own Recipes

Everyone Homebrews for one reason or another. Some of us do it to compete and brew the best style possible. Others do it to save a few bucks over some of the top shelf beers. Others will brew beer to make something new and unheard of. Each has their merits and each starts with a… Read more »