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The Manfish Keezer Build

If you are anything like me, once you are satisfied with the quality of the beer you are brewing, you will want to have a nice place where you can serve it to your to friends and family. Eventually I decided to build a bar so we could all sit together and enjoy the fruits… Read more »

Easy Kegs and Mini Kegs

Earlier in the year, I decided I had enough of bottling and wanted to start kegging. I didn’t have the money to start a kegerator or keezer build, so I started researching five liter kegs. I found the Brewferm Mini Keg starter pack with the posh picnic tap to be the one I wanted (two… Read more »

Craft The Perfect Draft Mini-Kegs

About three years ago the brewing bug had bitten pretty hard, according to SWMBO beer was all I ever seemed to talk about. I’ll admit that hasn’t really changed over the years, but I was surprised to get an EdgeStar Deluxe Mini Kegerator as a gift that year. After all I had just bought a… Read more »

DIY Kegerator: Moving Beyond Functionality

This post is addressed to us brewers who are looking to fully integrate kegerators into our homes and move past the beer fridge / keezer aesthetic. I set out to convert a piece of furniture (any piece that struck my fancy) into a kegerator. A good looking final product was key to my significant other… Read more »