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So You Want to Build A Keezer

It’s time; your brewing has advanced to kegging beer, and you need a way to chill and dispense those kegs. You have some options, including making a kegerator out of a small refrigerator or a larger kegerator from an upright refrigerator, or…a keezer. A keezer (kegerator/freezer) is usually a chest-type freezer on which a wooden… Read more »

The Manfish Keezer Build

If you are anything like me, once you are satisfied with the quality of the beer you are brewing, you will want to have a nice place where you can serve it to your to friends and family. Eventually I decided to build a bar so we could all sit together and enjoy the fruits… Read more »

The “Greatest Hits” Keezer Build

Here’s my version of a Keezer. Before starting the build I spent several weeks sifting through all the various keezer build write-ups here and elsewhere on the the web and selected the features that made the most sense to me. A couple of things I’ve put my own spin on but you won’t see anything… Read more »

Is your Keezer Killing your Wallet?

I have noticed a lot of people that are building Keezers from chest freezers are building some very nice Boxes, or as some people call them Coffins, around their chest Freezers. These are some very impressive Keezers! If done correctly this will be no problem, but if the box/coffin is built too close to the… Read more »

DIY Kegerator: Moving Beyond Functionality

This post is addressed to us brewers who are looking to fully integrate kegerators into our homes and move past the beer fridge / keezer aesthetic. I set out to convert a piece of furniture (any piece that struck my fancy) into a kegerator. A good looking final product was key to my significant other… Read more »