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Beer: A Game of Temperature

Beer! That delicious and refreshing beverage. When you drink a beer at home or in a bar, it is usually served cold. But does beer really taste better cold? Does temperature matter? Well, yes…yes it does. From grains to glass, temperature matters. If you brew extract, or if you brew all-grain, temperature control is key… Read more »

Making a Pseudo Lager

What is a Pseudo Lager? For the purposes of this article it will refer to the creation of a lager-like beer with greater flexibility by using an ale yeast. Defining a Pseudo Lager beyond this can get tricky; technically ‘lager’ simply refers to an extended aging of the beer at cooler temperatures, which any beer… Read more »

Spruce’n Up Your Brew

Thanks to El Nino and the mild winter, Spring is just a few drinks away. With Spring comes new growth, and with new growth comes new brewing ingredients. So grab your axe, let’s add some legitimacy to that lumberjack beard you’ve been sporting and let’s make a spruce beer! Ok, so maybe the axe isn’t… Read more »

Growing Ingredients for Use in Your Homebrew

For most homebrewers, the process begins and ends in their brewing area, and whatever goes into their beer comes from their friendly neighborhood homebrew supply shop or their favorite online retailer. While there is nothing wrong with that– it’s a system that serves countless happy homebrewers every year -– it’s possible (and impossibly fun) to… Read more »

Product Spotlight: HOPTOPs

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first “product spotlight”. In these articles we are looking to shine the light on some of the new or up and coming products available to us homebrewers. This spotlight features HOPTOPs, a new product which is an airlock created to fit on mason jars. Let’s dig in. The History and… Read more »

5 Tips For the Apartment Brewer

When I first started homebrewing two years ago, I was browsing all sorts of brewing websites doing my research before I bought any equipment. Almost every picture I saw showed three-tier stands in nice big garages, or fancy basement electric breweries. This scared me. I was twenty-one years old and wanted to brew my own beer. I lived… Read more »

One Perspective on This Beautiful Addiction/Hobby

The enlightened among us understand the addictive and magical nuances present in our favorite passion: orchestrating processes to create utopian elixir—also known as homebrewing. Homebrewing was effectively legalized on a federal basis on July 1, 1979. President Carter had signed H.R. Bill 1337 on October 14, 1978 making it so. And man, has it grown… Read more »

Craft Beer And Homebrewing In Italy

Italy continues to be known more as an interesting beer country and a home to many popular microbreweries. Less known maybe is the fact that Italy is also home to a flourishing homebrewing community. The sudden growth of Italy’s craft beer industry, and it’s homebrewing community, was unheard of 20 years ago. Back then I… Read more »

Is Home Brewing Ever Easy

Is homebrewing ever easy? In short, yes and no. When I first started thinking about brewing beer I felt unsure at first if I had the skills it would take to be successful. It seemed that somehow I had adopted the assumption that brewing beer was simply too hard. I thought that the brewing equipment… Read more »

5 Inspiring Brew Rigs!

Its inspiring to see how others are executing their vision of brewing. Brewing is unique in that there is no one way to brew, hence all the varying styles, regions, ingredients and recipes. Brewing is what you want it to be. Some of us a bucket brewers and will never have to move on. Through… Read more »