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Crystal Malts Reduce Fermentability: Fact or Fiction?

We all know those topics that pop up time and time again on any home brewing forum. One of those topics is under-attenuation. Why didn’t my beer attenuate? someone asks, followed by a string of replies asking how much crystal malt was used, after which ensues the explanation that the addition of unfermentable crystal malt… Read more »

Take the guessing out of efficiency Part 3

As I explained in the first article, efficiency is defined as the amount of extract present in the wort divided by the total possible amount of extract. This can be divided into different kinds of efficiencies that can be calculated such as conversion, lautering and brewhouse efficiency. Here is a link to the first article…. Read more »

Custom Danby DAR440BL Conversion

Inspired by HomeBrewTalk members. Thanks to all of those who have posted on this topic. First step; find the refrigerator for the best price. Got mine on Amazon for $169 with free shipping. Next, remove and modify the door. The model that I bought had the interior door panel glued on. I carefully removed the… Read more »

DIY Kegerator: Moving Beyond Functionality

This post is addressed to us brewers who are looking to fully integrate kegerators into our homes and move past the beer fridge / keezer aesthetic. I set out to convert a piece of furniture (any piece that struck my fancy) into a kegerator. A good looking final product was key to my significant other… Read more »