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The Cider Making No Brainer

First off, if you aren’t already making hard cider, you should be. It really is a no brainer, which I will explain briefly here. Cider is cheap to make, easily sourced, hardly any work, and great for those friends who can’t do gluten! Your only materials are Apple cider/juice, yeast, and maybe a few optional… Read more »

Top 10 Ciders on HomeBrewTalk

Summer is coming to an end, and with autumn right around the corner its time to start considering whats up next for your brew day. Youve made it through the wheats and saisons of summer, but now you look out at your brewing landscape to find the days getting shorter and cooler. With the harvest… Read more »

Planning Your Next Cider Batch

Frequently, questions arise in Homebrewtalk’s cider making forum from people who are new to cider making and are uncertain how to formulate a batch. Many of these questions are repeated from time to time, so I thought I’d share some information here that will hopefully give those who are new to the hobby some confidence… Read more »

Cheapest Way To Make Cider

Hello all! I’m new to this whole homebrewing thing, and I’m also a starving college student in the midst of his undergrad program. As such, and as someone that highly enjoys the sport of drinking, one night my friend and I decided we should be able to make our own cider for less than $30.00… Read more »