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Three Vessel Induction Brewing System

I designed my very own induction brewing system that is based on a traditional 3 kettle system design. I wanted a way to brew great tasting beers, with the ease of brewing them in my basement. To do so I used 3 induction cookers and 2 pumps, powered by 3 dedicated electrical circuits run directly… Read more »

The Manfish Keezer Build

If you are anything like me, once you are satisfied with the quality of the beer you are brewing, you will want to have a nice place where you can serve it to your to friends and family. Eventually I decided to build a bar so we could all sit together and enjoy the fruits… Read more »

Uanitus – Two Tier Single Pump Half Barrel System Build

Below is a brew stand I designed. I call it, “Uanitus”. The reason for this name is partly due to my belief in home brewing and partly on how it came together. Well that, and it sounds good. My belief, or mission statement, for my dream brewing company is, “To create lasting memories through the… Read more »

Building A Copper Wort Chiller

Building A Copper Wort Chiller Purpose: Well as we all know, needing to chill your wort fast and efficiently is of utmost importance. I’ve been brewing for a while now and until recently I did not think I would ever need an immersion chiller. Well was I wrong. Now that I created this wonderful chiller… Read more »

Custom Danby DAR440BL Conversion

Inspired by HomeBrewTalk members. Thanks to all of those who have posted on this topic. First step; find the refrigerator for the best price. Got mine on Amazon for $169 with free shipping. Next, remove and modify the door. The model that I bought had the interior door panel glued on. I carefully removed the… Read more »

DIY Kegerator: Moving Beyond Functionality

This post is addressed to us brewers who are looking to fully integrate kegerators into our homes and move past the beer fridge / keezer aesthetic. I set out to convert a piece of furniture (any piece that struck my fancy) into a kegerator. A good looking final product was key to my significant other… Read more »