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Bottling and Kegging – The Best of Both Worlds

Most of us homebrewers started out bottling our beers, some of us then decided to move on to kegging. Those who bottle claim that bottling is better for portability (bringing to parties, sharing with friends, entering competitions.) Those who keg claim that the time saved cleaning and filling bottles is one of the best things… Read more »

Craft The Perfect Draft Beer Gun Anyone?

Over the years I had read plenty of mixed reviews about the Blichmann Beer Gun before actually pulling the trigger and getting one for myself. It seemed that the two most common complaints brewers posted about had to do with how beer bottled using the Blichmann Beer Gun could be under carbonated and the overall… Read more »

Colonna Corker Mods for Bottling Belgians

First off, thanks to those who have posted videos, tutorials, and write-ups on this matter. I learned a lot. Here are a few things I did to make the process smoother for myself the first time around.I. Cork Depth You need to leave about 5/8″ sticking out of the bottle. You could do this one… Read more »