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Where Is Your Place?

Over the past year my brewing experience has flourished to new heights. I went from a 2-year brewing hiatus to completely rebuilding my brewing system and process within a few months. I went from a minimally active brew club member to an Officer of Education in a new club. And I went from someone who… Read more »

How to Design a Homebrew Recipe

How to Design a Homebrew Recipe So, you’ve brewed a kit or two, and it came out pretty well. Or perhaps you’ve followed a few recipes from books or websites, and have been pretty happy with the results. Now, though, you are ready to create a beer that is your very own. But where do… Read more »

The Road to Becoming a BJCP Judge

Picture this – you come home from work and grab the mail. You are excited to see a manila envelope from the coordinator of the homebrew competition you entered a few weeks prior. This is it! You are ready to receive the glowing reviews of your finely crafted malt beverage. You open the envelope and… Read more »