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Growing Out of BIAB: Reasons to Consider An MLT

Moving from extract brewing to all-grain can be like earning a badge of honor in home brewing. Many who started extract brewing have never seen the need to expand into more complicated or exacting recipes, nor have needed that jump to be fair, as many award winning brews are extract-based (or at least partial mashed… Read more »

Which is Right for You? BIAB or Extract

I’ve been brewing now for what I consider some time–around 2 years–but I’ve done many batches. I believe that’s where the experience comes and not from the length of time. There’s one major thing that always hits me when I question if I would’ve done things differently. That is, I wish that someone would’ve explained… Read more »

Budget Herms System – Part One

Mash recirculation is a popular technique. Most of the new integrated single-vessel packages (Grainfather, etc.) include the feature. A growing number of home brewers today incorporate mash recirculation in their BIAB or multiple vessel rigs, frequently adding temperature control through either a RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System) or a HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System)…. Read more »

Moving from Gas to Electric Brewing

Brewing with Natural Gas, Propane, then Electric This article covers the variety of systems that I have used for homebrewing beer over the last 5 years. Brewing first in my kitchen on the stove-top using natural gas, then out to the garage using propane and then lastly going back inside and down to my basement… Read more »

All Grain Brewing Simplified Pt 2: Equipment Profiles

If you missed it, Part 1 of this series deals with the all-grain brewing process. It goes over taking the leap into all-grain brewing in a simple, down to earth manner.http://www.homebrewtalk.com/all-grain-brewing-simplified-part1-process.html In this part, I’ll go over some of the different methods and equipment profiles used in all-grain brewing. Each method is different, and you… Read more »

Ninkasi: The Most Forgiving Goddess

No, I’m not talking about the Eugene, Oregon-based brewery, though they do make some fine beers. I’m talking about the Sumerian goddess of brewing; the oldest brewing deity known to historians. The Sumerians took their brewing seriously. Depictions of beer and even recipes occur in their artwork and clay tablets dating back more than 6,000… Read more »

A Comparison Of Homebrew Sparging Techniques, Including BIAB

Malted two-row barley is mixed with water at a prescribed temperature and allowed to rest until the starches of the malted barley are converted into fermentable sugars. This is called the saccharification rest. The sugary liquid (wort), must be separated from the wet grain (the mash) and this is called lautering. Homebrewers typically use an… Read more »

Mr. Beer to Mr. Ribbon

Mr. Beer to Mr. Ribbon The brewing community is well known as an accepting and receptive group of people, especially when it comes to new brewers. Unfortunately, some brewers feel stigmatized by the community based on how they get started with the hobby. If someone tells me that they just started brewing, I am very… Read more »

BIAB like a BOSS

I began my home-brewing career a little over a year ago and have to admit, I am completely hooked on the art and science of the craft. I am fortunate in that an ex-roommate of mine some years back was a keen brewer, allowing me to assist and enjoy the fruits of his labors. This… Read more »

All Grain Brewing Simplified Part 1 – Process

All Grain Brewing Simplified Pt 1: Process It can be argued that moving to all grain brewing can be the best thing you can do for the quality of your beer (pre-flameout). This being due to even more creative freedom, freshness of ingredients, and is a more engaging hands on process. It can also be… Read more »