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Dec 2008
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I am making an attempt at a extract Rochefort 10 clone. I used Beersmith and advice from others to arrive at the recipe below. The thing is, Beersmith has my IBUs at 22.3, but all the other recipes I've seen have far less hops and sometimes greater IBUs. I'm worried that I'm going to have a very hoppy clone, which is not at all like the real thing. Any thoughts? The AAU in the recipe below are the actual units for the hops that I have.

5 gallon batch size
3 gallon boil volume
Estimated OG 1.086
Estimated FG 1.018
Estimated IBU 22.3(according to Beersmith)

9.5 lbs Pilsner LME
1.5 lbs Caramunich
1 lb Caravienne
.5 lb Special B
.1 lb Carafa III
1 oz Halleratauer Hersbrucker 3.9AA 60 min
2 oz Styrian Goldings 3.5AA 60 min
1 oz Styrian Goldings 3.5AA 30 min
1 oz Hersbrucker 3.0AA 30 min
1 lb Candi Sugar, Clear
1 lb Candi Sugar, Dark
Wyeast 1762

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If you haven't already bought the ingredients, I'd go with caramunich instead of caravienne. Make sure the carafa is the special (dehusked). The clear candi sugar is a waste of money, just use table sugar. For the dark, get the syrup, not the rock candi.

Good luck!
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My main question is about the hops. Would five ounces be too much?

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Don't think of it as "5 ounces" ... you're concerned here with IBUs... and the hops you are using are very low alpha.. so you're good. I had 32 IBUs for my Rochefort 10 Clone and it turned out great! Also, after 6 months in the bottle (and you'll want to wait at least this long to calm everything down) the hop presence will have faded even more. You're good where you're at.
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Shawn Hargreaves
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It's the IBU that matters, not the weight of the hops. You can trust Beersmith on this one. Your IBU is pretty low despite a lot of hops, because the hops you are using are pretty low alpha, and also because you are only doing a 3 gallon boil. Other recipes that do a full boil will need less hops to achieve the same IBU.

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