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Dec 2006
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You! Administration types! Just put down your head and shuffle y9our little papers around. Make your bosses happy, I don't care. I'm trying to god-forbid get something DONE around this hellhole so shuddap and let me do what I'm trained to do.

Oh, and while I'm at it, leave me the **** alone. I know waht I'm doing. I've trained for how many years to do this? Get ojuutta my way. I've got useful things to do. No time for your ivey league assses. Go masturbate over your TPS reports or whattever the hell you folks do. I've got work to do and I'm sick of your ****. get going and let me do what I was born to do. I'm damn good at it. Real damn good at it. Even won a national award for it, in case you never noticed. That was for a good reason, you ****ers.

So don't you DARE tell me how to take care of these kids. I was born to do this. Its all i care about. Leave me the fck alone and I can make this **** world a better place you ****ers. **** off. I'm tired of pencil whipping know- nothigns getting in my everloving way. Move. Out of My Way. I';ve got several acres and a backhoe. Heed me. it won't go well for you. I'm smart and strong and academic and redneck and you've never gone up against anybody liek me. I can go white trash on you in a heartbeat.

I don't care if you acknowelege me or not. Dont' care. Don't care about press-gainy surveys. Don't care if some pencil pusher gives a **** about anything. Just want you to go away. Now. Leave me alone and turn me loose. It'll all be okay. Trust me. Leave me alone.

Jill Mc

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Chappell Brewery
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It's not healthy to hold it in. Let it out. Let us know how you REALLY feel.

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gratus fermentatio
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Jun 2008
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You go girl!

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I love making Beer
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Jill needs some chocolate and beer!
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Jill..... Do you need a hug?
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Originally Posted by Jaybird View Post
Jill..... Do you need a hug?
I don't think a hug is going to cut it...there's only one cure for that much anger!

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