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Jan 2009
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never tried their stout.i heard it was good though.

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I really like the DFH 60 minute as an "every day" beer. I don't taste any hint of fuggles in it, though. Definitely got some piney and definitely some citrusy, but no "earthy" than I can pick out.
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hmmm, if you are a traditional beer drinker probably not - they don't really make any. If you are into things that are a bit "different" then maybe... I kinda need to be in the mood for DFH. I really like a few of theirs including Raison d' etre and Midas Touch but a lot of times I am in the mood for a traditional style and they just don't fit that bill. It's definitely a brand where YMMV.

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Apr 2008
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I like the 60 min IPA a lot but I do not think it is worth $11/sixer

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I have not had many of their beers. 60 and 90 minute, Indian Brown, and raison de etre and the peche, whatever its name is. I just picked up some palo santo marron but have not tried it yet.

I like them. Not wildly fanatical about them. I cannot remember details about the 60 minute I had it at a brewfest served from the overrated randall. I do remember being slightly underwhelmed after hearing all the hype but thinking it was good. The 90 minute is nice but I feel a bit on the sweet and underattenuated side. Give me a Ruination over that any day. Must be an east coast thing. Maltier and sweeter. Indian brown, well, I don't care for American brown ales (or stouts or porters for that matter) I like those to be malty and not citrusy/hoppy.

They are really about pushing boundaries. Some experiments work great others not so much. Respectable and worth trying though at least once I believe.

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I have had a few, but they hold themselves in very high regard and that keeps me from dropping that kind of cash on beer I can make myself. I too would take a Stone Runination, Arrogant Bastard, or Oaked Arrogant Bastard over any Dogfish brew any day.

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Jul 2008
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Dogfish is a kind of polarizing brewery... I dig the variety and the wacky stuff they come up with...

I couldn't stand Midas Touch the first time I tried it... I didn't know what to expect when I bought it, I just bought it because I was bound and determined to try everything they brewed that I could find... I now enjoy it much more, but I don't get it all that often... Same with Burton Baton, Immort'ale, Palo Santo, Pangea, Chateau Jiahu, etc etc etc...

I will get Chicory Stout and Punkin when the time comes around each year... I haven't been fortunate enough to try the 120 Minute or World Wide Stout... I did get to try some beers on tap at the brewpub and they were great... Theobroma was good... Luckily I found a bottle at my local liquor store...
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Originally Posted by Timberwolf View Post
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Jan 2008
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Originally Posted by Joos View Post
you guys think the sixty is malty?maybe its just me but i taste no malt at all.fore said bag of fuggles.If the sixty is too malty don't ever drink a boch or even an ale.
Maybe malty isn't he right word. It is the toasty flavor that is too pronounced for an IPA in my opinion. I like hop-forward IPAs more. I like it, but I like stone IPA and Two Hearted ale better.

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I really need to try the Palo Santo Marron. I read a long article about the whole making of that beer and it was intriguing and inspiring. I haven't even tried it yet, and I've already looked to see if that wood is available in chips or sticks (it is, but spendy), in case I ever want to attempt a clone.

I suppose it's like Samuel Adams, not everyone likes the beer but most people at least respect what they are doing.
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I took two sips of their 120 and poured it down the drain. I've heard that if you let it sit for a year or more it is pretty good but that wasn't my experience. Haven't tried any of their others.
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