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Dec 2007
aurora, il
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when i need a sample, i need it now.
this whole waiting 30 minutes for the stuff to cool in the freezer is bugging me

when you are talking gravity readings, how do you rapidly cool down 90-95mls of wort?

i have a hydrometer and refractometer
i normally use my refract before fermentation and hydrometer during fermentation


thanks in advance
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Some kind of cold water bath will cool it a lot faster than the fridge/freezer.
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May 2007
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Pour your sample into a 9" metal pie tin and swirl it around a few times. The large surface area will quickly cool your sample. For even faster cooling, put the pie tin in the freezer for several minutes beforehand.

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i have a directional spout on my kitchen sink and set the sample tube under a cold water trickle to cool under 130 then take the reading and adjust for temp in beersmith
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I've never felt the need to stress about the preboil grav immediately...I stick it in the fridge, and start my boil and usually around a half hour I check it..That's about the only time I'm dealing with a truly hot sample...But if I really felt the need I would set my test jar in the water bath.
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Nov 2008
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You don't need to cool it for the refractometer. The amount you need is so small it will reach the temp of the refractometer immediately. Usually when I get inside with the little sample I take (using the dropper thing that came with it) it has already cooled down quite a bit). If your refractometer is not ATC then IT needs to be at 68 F or whatever but the sample does not need to be.

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Nov 2008
Tunbridge, VT
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I constantly test the gravity of my wort as I run it off so I can stop when the gravity of the runnings get to 1.008. I just use my hydrometer and take the reading without cooling. I check the temp of the wort, read the hydrometer, and plug the info into Brew Smith. There is a tool in the software that adjusts your actual reading based on the temp of the wort, to what it would be if the wort were 60 degrees.

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May 2008
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I put my sample in my Erlenmeyer flask and swirl it in a ice water bath. Takes a couple of minutes max down to 60f.
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I use a turkey baster to grab some of mine and put it in a small cup. Its just barely smaller than the drain in the sink so I run the cold water and it's pretty cool in under 5 min. I run my probe thermometer right into the wort sample while I'm letting it settle and plug both values into beersmith...

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