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Jul 2008
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I purchased a belgian wit kit from Grape and Granary. I followed the instructions and did some research after the fact (that is definitely my mistake). I wrote all of the details in my recipe log and was curious as to what my brew would taste most like, more like a Blue Moon or Hoegaarden. When I started reading I noticed that none of the recipes called for 2 oz of coriander seed (which was uncrushed and I left that way) or 2 oz of Orange Peel, Bitter- Curacao (not sure what this is). I sent G&G an email and they said that the kit should have 1 oz of crushed coriander and 1 oz of orange peel.

I am guessing that this beer will be pretty funky.
A. Can it be fixed?
B. Do I have the right to request another kit?

I would say that the reason that I purchase the kit is because I am not yet comfortable with compiling all of the ingredients myself. My first thought was that the 2 oz of uncrushed corriander may be equivalent to 1 oz of crushed, but I was wrong.

Here is my original email before I brewed and someone did respond and say that it was a solid recipe.

I just went ot my hometown brewshop (Grape and Granary) and purchased their Belgian Wit Recipe. How dow you think that this recipe will turn out?
I plan on starting at about 9pm EST.

The kit was $27 and includes:
1 Nottingham yeast (will not use); purchased liquid 3944
1 3.3lb Briess Pilsen extra light LME
1 3lb bag of 60% wheat/40% barley DME
little bag of bittering hops (undisclosed)
Orange peel, bitter 2-oz curacao
2oz corriander seed

anticipated sg 1.051
45minute boil

1. boil 2 gallons of wter
2. turn off heat; add dme, lme, bittering hops (not in a bag)
3. bring to boil for 45 minutes
4. 15 minutes add Irish Moss
5. 10 minutes add spices

I plan on leaving in the primary for 2-3 weeks and then bottling

Any feedback would be appreciated. This is my second batch of beer. First was an American Brown Ale from Morebeer that turned out great, after I waited a month before drinking.

What Belgian will this be closest to?

I may have to call and find out what hops they use in their recipe.

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RDWHAHB, it will be good, keep brewing

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It should be fine. It's still a wit. You could always assemble a new batch of ingredients, not use the peel or coriander at all, and blend the two together when they're fully fermented...if you wouldn't mind having 10 gallons of the stuff.
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Bring it to their attention and see how they react. Not much you can do being such a small item.
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Old 01-23-2009, 04:20 AM   #5
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The coriander was probably intended to be crushed. I'd think that the 2 oz uncrushed actually contributed a bit less flavor than the 1 oz crushed. At the very least, you are not going to have an overwhelming coriander flavor to your brew. The extra orange peel isn't that big of a deal either. The beer will be tasty, but I would still bring to their attention that their instructions were a bit lacking. They may give you something for your trouble or free shipping or something. You never know.

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Old 01-24-2009, 12:01 AM   #6
Jul 2008
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Thanks All. I brought it to their attention and they sent me another kit with another liquid yeast (all within 24 hours). I already have the kit in hand. I did not make a big deal about it, but told them what was in the kit and asked how/if I could salvage the batch. They said to let it sit for a couple of months and it will mellow out. They apologized for the error and sent me a replacement.

I thought this was really cool of them and that $30 free kit will earn them a lot more from me in the future.

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good form!
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Even the pros can go over-board. GVB had a Belgian that was way over the top with corriander. Mark took it off the taps and waited 6 weeks before putting it back. It was great! (and I generally don't like Belgians)
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