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Jan 2009
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Soim about 13 days into fermenting my cream ale, it started to slow down (1 bloop every 15 seconds or so) so i figured i would add my gelatin per the instructions on the kit i was using (yea i know booo kits) so i prepare the gelatin, 1 pint of warm water and disolve completely, then cool to room temp and pitch into the wort. So i pitched it and i havnt seen a single bubble in the airlock for more than 24 hours....did i kill it?

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No, you didn't kill it! First of all, you don't want to add gelatin or any other clarifiers to fermenting beer, so you should be glad it was finished first.

When the beer is finished, you don't usually see signs of fermentation, but it's always best to check with a hydrometer first!

Why boo kits? I like them. They have everything in them to make a batch of beer, usually cheaper than buying the ingredients individually. What was in your kit? If it was a kit with quality ingredients, that's a good thing.

I've never used gelatin in beer, so I'll let someone with experience with it answer as to that.
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You should never rely on the bubbling or lack of on a cheap chinese plastic airlock as a "fermentation Gauge," it's not...It's an airlock, nothing more, a VALVE to release excess CO2, to keep from blowing the lid off the fermentor...If it's not bubbling that just means that there's not enough CO2 to climb out of the airlock, or the CO2 is just forming a nice cushion on top of the beer like it's supposed to, or the airlock is askew, or it is leaking out the cheap rubber grommet, or you have a leak in the bucket seal...all those are fine...if CO2 is getting out then nothing's getting in....

Over half of my beers have had no airlock activity...

The only gauge of fermentaion is your hydrometer.

More than likely your fermentation after 10 days is done...also just openning it up to add gelaton released the excess CO2 so of course it wouldn't need to bubble...

Read this, then take the advice in there...
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Jan 2009
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Ahh good i feel better now...i wasnt booing kits, i like them as well ive just heard alot of people say negative things. The kit was for a cream ale, 7lbs Pale LME, 1Lbs crystal malt 10L, 1.5oz Williamette, also used a good tablespoon of malto dextrine and the yeasties where a packet of nottingham

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There are many kinds of kits.us Urs sounds like the good kind. The can of hopped Lme which you add sugar too... well thats another story
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