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Apr 2006
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My first homebrew attempt was with cider (3 gal) because it takes one less peice of equipment--a pot, which I didn't have at the time. I used Pasteur Champagne yeast so it is dry, dry cider. I've had friends comment that it is good, but I personally don't like it very much being so dry. I'm sure it needs to age alot as its only about 2 months old now, but it was my first "brew" and I'm not that patient in general.

I'm looking at Northern Brewer's catalog and they have a section on Wyeast wine yeast. They give a Residual Min. in their table, which I'm guessing is a minimum residual sugar percentage. Wyeast Assmannhausen and Rudesheimer have 0.25% Residual Min. Wyeast Sauternes has 0.50% Residual Min, and the Sweet Mead has 2.00% Residual Min. So if you decide to go with more sweetness those are some choices. Otherwise any white wine type of yeast or cider yeast will probably get you dry cider.

Also, you might want to think about purchasing some yeast nutrient (I used diammonium phosphate) if you're going with store bought apple juice. There isn't a whole lot in the way of N and P compounds in apple juice for yeast nutrition.

EDIT: I did a lot of things wrong with that first cider though... First off I added about 2 lbs of sugar (by eye) on top of the apple juice I got from the store, then I pitched a packet of dry yeast into what was definately a high OG environment without even so much as rehydrating it. Then when I went to bottle I'm pretty sure I didn't add corn sugar to water and boil to sanitize. Finally I fined with bentonite and did actually boil the water for the bentonite but added it too fast into the water and made big clumps of clay which I then added to the secondary carboy. Those things said I'm pretty lucky that it has gotten favorable reviews from friends, and its the clearest brew I'll probably ever have.
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Originally Posted by Keln
Should you or shouldn't you boil the apple juice first?
NOOOO!!! Don't boil (or even heat) your cider!!

Use Campden tablets to kill the bad bugs. Stir in 1 crushed tablet per gallon, wait 24 hours, stir to degas, and pitch your yeast. ...or don't pitch yeast at all. The "good" yeast will still be there and will ferment the cider.
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I have a book, Homebrewing for Dummies....

It has three AHA recipes for cider; each require boiling of the juice. I haven't tried any. I would be inclined to try #1 with the sugar & tannin used in #2.

1st one - Traditional or Still (AHA Style 28a & b)
- 5 gal apple juice
- Nottingham dry ale yeast
- 2 oz of yeast nutrient.
Boil, cool & pitch
Primary @ 65'f - 8 days
2ndary @65'f - 21 days
Prime as normal or leave still

2nd - Natural Fermentation @ 65'F (AHA Style 28c - New England Style)
- 5 gal apple juice
Boil, cool & add remaining ingredients
- 5 cups of sugar
- 1/2 cup of brown sugar
- 1.5 tsp grape tannin
Let ferment naturally....
add 10 oz raisins wait 10 days
add boiled oak chips wait 1-2 weeks
Bottle wait for 3 months

3rd - Big Apple Punch (AHA Style 28d )
4.5 gal apple juice.
Pasteur dry champagne yeast
1 lbs of honey
Boil, Cool and pitch
Primary @ 65'F - 14 days
Rack to secondary on top of 750ml of raspberry liqueur
2ndary @ 65'F - 30 days
Bottle - still or sparkling
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