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Anybody remember wax lips/teeth, you know the food grade wax novelty in the shape of lips or vampire teeth etc.? Do they make them anymore? Very distinctive aroma flavor.

I just tried my heather metheglin and it had a certain aroma. Sort of yeasty I thought at first. Reminded me of the not so enjoyable aroma/flavor I get in apfelwein. I could not quite place it though. I dug deep in my olefactory memories and bam, it hit me. Wax lips!

It is a bit young. I bottled it at the beginning of September. I originally made it early summer. Sadly, I do not have any notes! I will guess early June. So yes it is wicked young! I am new to making meads and I have never had a commercial example. I have only had one blueberry melomel made by a friend to go on.

It is much better than my first mead (ginger so I suppose it was a methegin as well) I made in Nov. 2007. That one tastes of bandaids. It is not undrinkable. It is CRYSTAL clear. Slightly carbonated... oops, maybe it wasn't done yet. Again no notes! I remember it being like ambrosia the first time I racked it. Then it tasted sour the second time. Tasted better at bottling.

I suppose age will help but I am curious about the wax lips, which I believe is yeast related. Also my previous with the adhesive bandage flavor/aroma.

I tried the heather metheglin today to try and encourage myself to try again with a full 5 gallon batch. I am not completely discouraged but perhaps I need to learn more before I spend $50 on honey if I am doing something wrong! Guess it does not help that I did not take notes.

anyway, blah blah blah.

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gratus fermentatio
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Never used heather, but the wax lips I remember had a mild wintergreen-ish flavour to them. I'll bet the flavour profile will change significantly in a year or so. I've had a "rubber stopper" flavour in my young meads/cysers, but it completely disappears with aging. Good luck, GF.

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Don't remember them as having much smell/flavor though.
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How to Brew - By John Palmer - Common Off-Flavors

The band-aid flavor sounds like a combination of residual chlorine + yeast. No idea about the waxy one - if it persists, you might want to rack onto some pectin and make your own lips

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