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The orange "tea" and the hefe... we'll see in about 3 weeks.

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Sep 2011
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I bottled a very slight variation on this recipe today. The little bit extra I couldn't fit into a bottle is my sipping drink tonight, and unlike most beers, this stuff is drinkable and delicious right away!

The thing I did different was use some leftover hops (Mt. hood, US Hallertau) kicking around my fridge and some leftover steeping/partial mash grains (10 oz honey malt and 4 oz smoked malt) just to clear them out before my wife questioned their presence in our kitchen. I let a little pith get through to help up the bitterness with the extra malt. Danstar Munich Wheat, Briess DME, 6 blood oranges with their peel. (I love blood oranges, so I used a lot!)

This is such a great recipe, and there's plenty flavorful room to tinker with it. Thanks Sam for giving it to the world!

I'm going to keep the Blood Orange Hefeweizen in my regular rotation, for sure!

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Jan 2007
Lyons, Illinois
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Tapped a few pints while brewing today to see how it was doing. Needs to carb up a bit more, but it tastes nice. I think the orange of my mash tun and the yellow on the glass gives you a good idea where my color fell.
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Apr 2011
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Not sure why, but almost all cloudiness in mine dropped out. I racked mine to secondary for a couple of days to add some more orange zest and it started clearing. Maybe something to do with the extra oil from the zest? I can get some cloudiness back if I swirl the bottle a little before I crack it open, but I'm not sure if I'd call it a hef. Tastes good though.

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Feb 2011
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Originally Posted by gnedge View Post
Here's the recipe I used:

This is from the book and it's very verbose.


Preboil Tea
4 gallons water

6.6 pounds (3kg) light liquid wheat extract (55% wheat malt and 45% barley malt) (65 minutes)
1/2 ounce (15g) Hallertau hop pellets (60 minutes)
1/2 ounce (15g) Saaz hop pellets (20 minutes)
4 average sized blood oranges (20 minutes in another pot)
1/2 ounce (15g) Hallertau hop pellets (10 minutes)

In carboy
Cool water to the 5-gallon (19L) mark

Yeast: Wyeast 3068 or 3638; or White Labs WLP300 or WLP380

5 ounces (125 g) priming sugar


1. Heat 4 gallons (15L) of water in the brewpot. As the water begins to boil, remove it from heat. Add the light wheat malt extract. Stir to prevent clumping and scorching o the bottom of the pot. Return the pot to heat.

2. Allow the wort to come up to a boil. After pre-boiling for 5 minutes, add the first Hallertau hop pellets and stir. Start timing the 1-hour boil at the point that you make this hop addition.

3. 20 minutes before the end of the boil, add the Saaz hop pellets.

4. Peel the blood oranges and separate sections of fruit. Discard half of the peels. Cut the remainder of peel and fruit sections into small pieces. Use a grater as you only want the orange part of the rind. The white will add extreme bitterness. They should be small enough to allow easy entry into the carboy in a later step. An alternative is to use a plastic fermentation bucket that would allow easier addition of the fruit. When using a plastic fermenter with a large lid, the size of the fruit is not a concern.
The fruit may be placed in a straining bag for easy removal after fermentation. Heat fruit and peels in 1/2 gallon (2L) of water to 160 degrees F (71C) and then turn off heat. Let it steep as it cools.

5. 10 minutes before the end of the boil, add the second Hallertau hop pellets and stir for 1 minute.

6. At the 60-minute mark, turn off hte heat source, stir the wort clockwise for 2 minutes as you build up a whirlpool effect. Stop stirring and allow the wort to sit for 10 minutes.

7. Chill the wort in a cold water bath to a temperature of 70F-75F (21C - 24C).

8. Transfer the wort into a carboy or a plastic fermenter. Pour blood orange peels and fruit into the wort.

9. Aerate for 1 minute.

10. Pitch the yeast into the carboy and aerate for another minute. Top up the carboy to a 5-gallon (19L) mark with cool water.

11. In about 10 days, your beer should be ready to package.
I didn't find the recipe to be verbose. On the contrary, it was very clear and succinct.

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Old 03-18-2012, 05:31 PM   #566
Aug 2008
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Hey everyone, I've got a quick question for the fruit beer experts. I have made this recipe a few times with great results. My wife has been bugging me for a while now to make a blueberry beer, so I used the base recipe for the blood orange hefe and used blueberries instead of oranges.

Took a couple pounds of frozen blueberries, put them in some water, brought it to 170 to pasteurize, cooled while making the rest of the beer and added it all in primary. That was 2 weeks ago. Is there any harm in leaving the fruit in primary for another 2 weeks? I'm going out of town on business tomorrow for 10 days, and don't necessarily want to bottle today (lots to get done before I go). Obviously if my beer is in danger I'll do it, but if you think I'm safe leaving the fruit in primary for another 2 weeks that would be much better.

Please let me know what you think, thanks!
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Personally I dont think there would be problems but if your nervous, rack it - at 2 weeks the flavor has established.

I left this beer for a month in primary with no problems. Lets see what others say but thats my 2 cents.

Man, it's about time to brew this lol.. Spring a'hoy!
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Old 03-19-2012, 03:15 PM   #568
Oct 2010
cape cod
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You are going to have to post a picture of this "PURPLE BEER". Why do are they called blueberries when any time I've done something with them it always turned out PURPLE!!

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Sep 2011
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Originally Posted by Stefano View Post
My blood tea looked pinkish red, and almost gave the wort a slight pinkish color. Thats probably because I made a light hefe using white wheat. The finished beer looks hazy and straw colored, no sign of the oranges. Let us know how it turns out with eight oranges.
I used 4-5 medium oranges and it hardly effected the final color -- I was expecting more color contribution but I just serve it with a fresh orange slice for presentation and you can squeeze int he extra juice for more color.

I'll probably go 10+ next time.
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Dec 2010
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mashing this as we speak, doing a split batch with blueberries and peaches. was going to use plums but the gf said nein... lol ah well, lets see this baby roll~!
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