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Jan 2009
Somewhere in Illinois
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I've gotten approval from my roommates to start my own home brewing. However, the one caveat was it is to not make the apartment smell bad. Now I know that there will be SOME smell from brewing and that the differentiation between good and bad is of course, subjective. Generally, when you home brew, would it make an apartment smell bad? If so, how strong is the smell, how long does it last, andways to prevent this? Thanks

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Oct 2008
Bass Lake, Ca
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yeah, it smells. you grow to love it however.
the hops boiling is pretty strong... not as bad as smelling thai food cooking tho!
smell disapates rather quickly.

my wife, and oldest boy hated it when i brewed indoors.

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Dec 2007
Terre Haute, IN
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I think God probably smells like brewing....
play the bass, brew the beer

What's tappening? :D

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Bernie Brewer
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Feb 2006
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Depends who you talk to. I love the smell. My kids and their mother hate it.
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Feb 2008
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Yes, home brew definitely smells. Even after you are done brewing, it will smell during fermentation. I love the smell of barley and hops, you could put it in a bottle and call it cologne.

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Nov 2008
San Antonio, Texas
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after a long brew hanging over the outdoor kettle

I come inside and can still smell the wert on my clothes and hair


Put your hands in the air and step away from that Fermentor


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Nov 2008
Rochester New York
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yea it smells but like you guys said it great!!!

It does not smell like when you cook fish or shrimp or something like that, it goes away quick too

My wife does not mind but my daughter does not like it but I do it anyway, when they get there own house they can have it any way they want but since there not paying to bad

I keep my carboys in my office in the basement and some beers you can smell but usally only in the frist couple of days

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Nov 2008
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yup it smells like everybody says... my family always compalined when i did it at home and even now when i am brewing and people come over they alwasy ask "Whats that smell?"... along with the normal meth lab comments... i think you room mates will likely complain if you brew inside... you should probably brew outside

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Jan 2009
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yep. smells great in the same way cigars smell some people. it can be overpowering. if you can go outside, do it.

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Dec 2008
Denver, CO
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My next door neighbor complained to my landlord about the odor - she though I was cooking meth or something. I seal the entrance door and furnace exhaust with plastic now and only brew with the windows open and fan at full tilt. A lot of people don't like the odor...

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