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Originally Posted by wilbanba View Post
how did it come out?
I plan on making the trip out to the grocery store to get a bag of avocados tomorrow. I will let you know of my results gentlemen.

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I'm the one that posted above about avocado juice in thailand.

Well I just got back from vacation in Hawaii - and we stayed on a farm in Kauai that had a bunch of fruit trees, including avocado and lime. One night, while playing mad scientist with the blender (the pineapple-lime-ginger-pog daiquiri was the big hit of the night), I decided to make an avocado juice. I mixed the contents of one humongous avocado (the size of a giant navel orange), one lime, sugar, 12 oz of water and a handful of ice, and blended away. It was pale green and the consistency of a yogurt smoothie . . and the best way I can describe it is that it tasted like drinking slightly sweet mayonnaise! Ugh. I took a few swigs and the rest went down the drain. The avocado consistency and fattiness overwhelms any avocado flavor. Maybe I should have just made limeade and added a slice or two of avocado?

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from my knowledge, generally an extract is when you soak something in alcohol to pull out the soluble flavors lemon/vanilla/chilli/peppercorn etc

i have no idea if avocados have any

but i really want to see where this goes... even if utterly disgusting

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Did you try to make Avocado Juice and use that?

Indonesian Food Recipes - Avocado Juice - Jus Apokat

Avocado (also known as Apokat in Indonesia) is one of popular fruits in Indonesia. You can find it easily in traditional market or supermarket with very cheap price. It's very good either you make it for a juice or just eat it as a salad. Avocado fruits have a smooth, creamy, greenish-yellow flesh with an unusually high amount of fat that is primarily monounsaturated. They also contain a high concentration of dietary fibber, vitamins and potassium. This juice is an excellent choice to company your meal times.

Category : Beverages

Difficulty : Easy

Preparing time : 10 minutes


- 2 ripe avocados, halved and flesh removed

- 4 tablespoons palm sugar syrup (or you can just mix palm/sugar sugar with 2 tablespoons of water), other option is using Vanilla syrup.

- 10 ice cubes, crushed


Combine avocado flesh with other ingredients and puree in blender until smooth.

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Mar 2009
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Avocado Soda:
Remembered this old thread when I was making grape soda today, had some avocados. Thought, "Hmmmmmmmm, What could possibly go wrong?"
So here goes.

First Experiment.
Modification of a very good recipe for an avocado shake.
(Take in mind, I'm willing to sacrifice my body to science.)

1 really yummy avocado, small. (Yes I tasted it, it almost ended up not in the blender.)
About 3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk. ( I know I'm risking death here, especially considering the fact that the SCM is 4 YEARS past its best by date)
Approx. 3 cups water. To thin it out.
Approx. 1/4 cup sugar
1/8 tsp. Red Star® Côte des Blancs dry yeast

Take in mind, I'm working according to my theory of soda, which is, if it tastes good before fizz, it's likely to taste good after fizzzzz.
Prior to fizz this tastes great, much like the shake. Flavor is mostly that of the SCM with the nutty nice overtones of avocado.
So it's now in the bottles and I'm waiting ever so patiently for the end product. Most likely on Friday.
I'll post the end results, with a link to my blog for the overall experience, and photos.
Hooray for science! I wonder if my life policy covers accidental suicide?

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I'm incredibly interested in how this comes out AN.. let us know!

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Mar 2009
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Avocado Soda
Experiment 1
How it all worked out.
Results were...... mixed.
1. For the size of the batch, way too much yeast. It tasted a bit too yeasty, and it carbed very quickly. In fact, when I went to test the pressure, the EZ Cap let loose a shower of green foam. My wife claims that I have invented the Ultimate Shrek Soda.
As a result, myself and my kitchen were in need of a cleaning.
2. The next bottle was pressure released in the sink, with slightly less mess.
3. The less exploded bottle was tested for flavor after a few hours in the refrigerator. Very MEH. I'm not a fan of too much fizz, gets in the way of the flavor. Had more of a yeasty flavor than I like.
4. The more exploded bottle was taste tested the next day. About half the bottle was a creamy rich head. It was SPECTACULAR. It tasted like when you get a A&W root beer float and you mix the soft serve ice cream in with the root beer for the perfect creamy confection. Yeah, it was awesome. The bottom of the bottle was about the consistency of skim milk. It had the nuttiness of an avocado, tasted slightly like root beer. But, not a repeat for me.
For my next experiment with avocado soda, I'll skip the sweetened condensed milk and try a simple syrup instead. I'll also decrease the yeast appropriately. However...
The next time I make root beer, I fully plan on adding SCM to the batch to add a slight caramel flavor, and hopefully get that nice creamy head on top. I'll also back off the fill level to let it develop fully in the bottle.
Experiment #1 final totals
For Avocado Soda = Failure
For Creamy Goodness = Mad Science RULES!

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