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Originally Posted by superman3278 View Post
I use Sanke kegs not the Pespsi sytle, for what it's worth.

How are you filling sanke kegs?

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Going with 3/16" ID might not be enough with the tubing from Lowes. I haven't checked what they have in a while, but another problem is thin-walled tubing. Commercial beer lines are pretty thick walled. This helps to limit any "balloon-like" inflation of the tubing. Any soft tubing under pressure will swell (like a crappy balloon), this leads to CO2 coming out of solution and making bubbles in your beer lines. The thicker the wall, the better it will resist this.
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Originally Posted by superman3278 View Post
HELP, I'm going nuts with this problem. New kegging system leaves air in line after operating the tap; GRRRR! Evertime I reopen the faucet, a gush of air and foam comes out. I can see the air began to form after the facuet is closed. I am using six foot of 5/16 line from keg tap to faucet on a 3 1/2 inch shank. No leaks of any kind, I am "Air Tight" ! Any ideas or sugestions? The beer is an ale, psi is set @ 6 lb. any higher and flow rate is too fast resuting in 80% head. The ale was conditioned for 3 weeks before a two week keg carbonation with 5oz. of priming surgar / 5 gallon batch.

Thanks in avance for your help,

Isn't 5oz of priming sugar for 5 gallons in a keg too much? I thought it should be somewhere around 3 oz. The beer may be overcarbed I would turn off the gas and purge/release pressure over a few days.

And +1 on pjj2ba comments use beer line not the stuff from Lowe's HD
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Udate: Well the Guys at the LHBS saved the day. Dave the Owner was quite helpful in selling me 8' of 1/4 " beer line (thick wall). Installed wednesday night and set psi to 12 and the pour is good.
Springer the amount of priming surgar was too much I thought as well, I won't be using that method any more. Force carbing from here on out.
Hopsalot, I remove the dip tube/valve assembley for sanitizing, then fill via gravity from secondary and reinstall the assembly. It's a little tricky to reinstall but after a few tries I got in no problem.
Thanks to all for imparting your wisdom.

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Just glad you can relax and enjoy your draft home brew properly!

Hope those 1/4 beer lines work out well for you (make sure your lines are cooled- the wider diameter lines are going to leave more beer in them, allowing it to warm as well as let the CO2 dissipate). !
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