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Ninjutsu PiloT
Jan 2008
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I have nearly 100 bottles saved, some used and some awaiting 12oz. of kickass. They are taking up a lot of space and I need to do something about it. I do not have the ability to set up a dedicated area where I live and due to the fact I move a lot I'm always packing up my bottles into a crate and heading out.

Is there an easier way I can store these bottles when traveling or some sort of container that is designed for bottles like you would buy in the store?

I have been unable to find anything of this sort unless I'm just looking in the wrong places. Help, my beer bottles need a safe, sturdy and overall, not cheap (crate) home to live!


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Sep 2007
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Don't bad mouth crates, people here live by them. Personally, I just reuse empty 12packs

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Jul 2008
Dürty Soüth, GA
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Empty cases from stuff I have consumed...
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Feb 2008
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Milk crates hold about a case.
Not sure what to do about dividers.

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Jul 2008
Greenville, South Carolina
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I built wood cases for my 16oz flip tops. I used 1 x 6s for the sides and 1 x 3s for the rest. They look pretty sharp too. I will try to gt a pic.

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Mar 2008
Groton, MA
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We bought at 40 gallon rubbermaid sweater box (the cheap plastic ones from Kmart, Walmart, Etc). When it comes time to soak a load of bottles, we just dump the oxyclean in and fill it up with hot water. For bottle storage, we just use 6 pack and case boxes from the liquor store. I'm sure where ever you go for your commercial beers you can get a few extra case boxes from them for free. This was a cheap solution and works for both cleaning bottles and storage... Also, we can fit about 250 bottles or more during the cleaning process.
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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
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Dec 2007
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Best idea I've seen on here...
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Jan 2007
Calgary, Alberta
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I am a big fan of Rubbermaid storage bins like this:

They are just the right height for most bottles, they stack nicely, the lids close really tightly to prevent anything from getting inside, and they are very inexpensive. They also make nice tubs for soaking bottles/gear and for water baths for fermenters.

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Aug 2008
Decatur, GA
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I store my empties in the cardboard cases they came in, but I use wooden wine boxes that I get free from my local wine merchant to store and age my homebrew. I can fit a 5 gallon batch of 12 oz. bottles in one wine box and they are easily stackable. I'm sure to be a little cautious with the bottom when moving them around full, but I've never had the bottom fall out.

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Aug 2008
Oak CLiff, TX
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cardboard case boxes, stuff 6 pack containers in there if you get them without dividers.
free! Stackem!
I like the file cabinet trick....

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