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Oct 2008
Philly, PA
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I stopped in to pick up a couple things. There were a couple customers there. New brewers buying starter kits to start together this weekend. They asked the proprietor how long to ferment. I said I do 3 weeks generally. The proprietor looked at me like I had sprouted a third eye and said "you hear a new one everyday. He turned to them and very firmly said "1 week in fermenter 1 week in bottle and enjoy."

I was sad. I consider this guy somewhat of a friend except for his price gouging but I think was just bad advice. Oh, before you ask, it was a stout, not a hefeweizen. I've never even had a hefe that I considered done in less than 5 weeks. This guy is saying two weeks grain (actually extract) to bottle like it is the final and only word on the subject.
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Aug 2008
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I would have told the customers to also buy a bomb shelter for their bottles

Or tell them to by a hydrometer for readings

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Dec 2006
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Tell a new brewer that he/she has to wait several weeks before he can crack a beer open and you'll see that purchase go back on the shelf.

Price gouging and bad advice? We have enough good shops in the area that I'd move on. Try out Keystone in Montgomeryville if you can't find one you like.

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Feb 2008
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Unfortunately, some LHBS owners would rather sell more beginners kits than be honest. I suppose he wanted to make it sound as easy as possible so that he didn't scare those potential customers away. But, IMHO he should have qualified his answer with something like: "In one week fermentation will most likely be complete, but the longer you wait the better tasting your beer will be. If you care about the taste, 3-4 weeks is a good guideline."

Personally, I would have called that guy out...I do this all the time in stores where some customer service rep is giving lame advice, or trying to upsell a customer who doesn't know any better. I understand the temptation to just go for the quick sale, but good ingredients and great advice is what will keep customers coming back for years. If a customer can't trust their LHBS owner, they'll eventually figure out they're full of it and take their biz elsewhere.

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The Pol
Feb 2007
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I really appreciate and value my LHBS for this reason... they are pretty stand up folks. Aside from the fact that I cannot afford to buy thier ingredients, they are awesome! I will however buy my Barley Crusher there and bulk grains! Those they are very reasonable on.

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Lil' Sparky
Cowboys EAC
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Feb 2006
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You can only hope that they are lucky enough to find a place like this where they can get some good advice.

I noticed the same thing with wine kits. The time table they suggest is much faster than the optimum for fermenting/racking/bottling.
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Dec 2008
Marina del Rey, CA
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I only made one trip to my LHBS so far, and they were really honest and helpful. If somebody talked to me like the story you just described, I'm pretty sure I'd never go back there again.

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Jul 2008
Gainesville, Florida
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I've been in a similiar situation. I announced that I leave my beer 3-4 weeks in the primary and great results. I got some spill about autolysis.

Give me a break.

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Feb 2008
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Those guys are professional brewers. They own their own store and everything! They don't need to keep up on current information, because they are experts!

It's sad to think that they would rush new people through the brewing process like that. They should know that one more week or two is not going to kill the brewer, but will likely make their beer taste so much better.

Everyone here should print up some business cards for this site. That way when they come across someone new to the hobby, they can whip out a card and refer them here. In no time they will eager to brew and will have a good solid base of understanding of the processes.

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Jan 2009
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I am a noob, and started homebrewing just recently. I have a LHBS and the guys there are freaking awesome, however I have been given conflicting advice on several topics from the guys there. I am starting to realize that while we all are in the same race, everyone has a better way to get to the finish line.


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