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Jan 2013
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I brewed a Mock-bock a while back with Kolsch yeast (since I dont have the means to lager yet). Everything went well and I even got to use the new wort chiller that I had made earlier that brew day.

After two weeks bottled, I eagerly opened one up and slugged down a cool refreshing gulp of....WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?

Took it to the LHBS and talked it over with the owner. We shared a bottle and his reaction was priceless. He swirled the glass a little and looked very intently at it saying "hmm, crisp. malty...with a touch of band-aid." And that's exactly what the beer tasted like. A bandaid. Turns out I had picked up a contaminant, either from grease on the brand new copper pipe from home depot or from improper cleaning of my bottling bucket tap. He told me to put it away and forget about the beer for a few weeks to a month because he felt it was subtle enough that it might correct itself.

Popped one open last night and the bandaid taste is gone. The hop flavor (and the dash of cinnamon I added during the boil) came through a little more and cleaned the beer up very nicely. I'm sitting here at work right now just itchin to go home and pop another
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Originally Posted by bleme View Post
Never discount, no matter how brief, the careful introduction of hairy knuckles. I've always found it to add remarkable complexity.
Hairy palms, on the other hand, can add funk to the beer...
Check out the priming sugar calculator, yeast starter calculator, and the beer calorie calculator.

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Feb 2013
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Forgot too buy spring water even though my tap water sucks, oh well brewing anyway, brought the hose over to my pot and let it rip. 6 gal pot but for some reason thought I should do a partial boil. At the end topped off with more hose water....drunk....made a pretty crystal clear Irish red that tasted like a burned out electrical socket and by the way I refused to toss at first, one night ran out of homebrew so I decided to drink my chloramine tainted brews and discovered that I fermented at too high a temp too, cause after about 3-4 I had the perfect headache. Epic stupidity

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Feb 2013
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First brew I ever did my buddy ashes his cigarette in it AMD I dropped my very sanitary hydrometer case in the cooling wort. Weird...couldn't find it for weeks...until bottling...beer turned out great.

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Originally Posted by Maybenaut View Post
This is what I keep telling myself. They didn't have hydrometers in the Middle Ages. They didn't have Star San in the Middle Ages. They didn't understand the science of fermentation in the Middle Ages. But they still managed to brew beer.
true, but i'm willing to bet that by today's standards beers from the middle ages wouldn't be considered to be very good. contamination/infection was certainly an issue. you can forget consistency... sometimes the beer was good, other times it was bad.

Originally Posted by bleme View Post
Have you tried any of the other Saison strains, like Ardennes?
ardennes isn't a saison strain, per se... at high temps does it give an ester profile similar to saisons?
What hops should I grow? Looking for cheap honey?
- Conditioning: Empty-the-freezer DIPA (1 pound of hops in last 5 mins, Chico & 644 split)
- Drinking: English Barleywine (half on brett), local sour cherry kriek #2, sour blond on second-use cherries, 3726 + dregs mega-mix sour, Bugz n' Critters sour.
- Aging: 3726 saison w/ Lochristi, GNO 3724 saison w/ brett mix, cherry mead, acerglyn, and a few other sours...

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Originally Posted by sweetcell
ardennes isn't a saison strain, per se... at high temps does it give an ester profile similar to saisons?
Maybe I didn't brew a Saison after all then...
It was the Surly Cynic clone from Northern Brewer. I just re-read their description and they aren't calling it a Saison but a lot of the commenters do.

I know I did some basic research on Ardennes here before I ordered it and people said that they got fruity esters at 75F and more clove flavor at 85F.

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Dec 2011
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Brewed a super hoppy IPA, into the fermenter with no blowoff tube. Checked on it in the morning, looked good. Left for work, back 12 hours later to find krauesen on the ceiling and walls, the airlock about 20 feet away on the floor. Turned out to be the best IPA I've made. It was also my first batch

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Originally Posted by MarcusKillion View Post
Update on post #683 .. I just realized that I also forgot to add in the 10 minute hop addition of Kent Goldings .
Well I thought I would give an update to this . I dry hopped it with ? forgot to write it down of coarse . I think it was 1.5 ounces of Kent Goldings to makie up for that .75 oounces I forgot to put in at 10 minutes .

just bottled it . Tasted really nice . FG of 1.012 so about 7.5 % ABV / it does hae an alcohol taste that is off set by the nice hop flavor . I sure hope that flavor hangs in there after bottle conditioning .

One more thing . Whole hops well leaf since they have been smashed . Works much better for dry hopping than pellets for sure . Just harder to deal with in the siphoning end .
How ever I scooped off the hops with a strainer and then used a 1/2 inch auto siphon . Another mistake in my opinion . this adds in oxygen . The exit tube is full of bubbles all through the siphon and if it stops then you must pump it and that pumps all that air that got in the tube into your beer .
So lesson is - use a tube that is long enough to raise your pump all the way up without the tube coming out of the bottle bucket . also that large tube is stiff and curled and is hard to keep in the bottom of the bucket as it curls up to the top and aerates the beer .
This is probably not much of a problem as long as it is not stored for a long time and I plan on drinking it right on up.

Think this is going to be a great tasting beer.

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May 2013
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Originally Posted by Smooshieshawn View Post
Super beginner here and I just brewed my first 5gal batch and here are the mistakes I know I've made so far:

-Dropped the thermometer into the hot wart while it was chilling, used metal tongs to get it out of the bottom of the pot (sanitized them first, but not sure how well they were sanitized as it was kind of an "oh ****!" operation)
-Accidentally dipped a unsanitized cup into the chilled wort to take OG.
-Wasnt able to get an OG since the cup wasnt even tall enough to get the hydrometer to float.
-Not sure if I aerated enough before pitching the yeast. I poured from the pot to the fermenting bucket and it foamed up pretty nice, so I assumed that was good enough and pitched the yeast then.

Now I just have to wait a while to see how the batch turns out. Hoping for the best but now I'm worried! :/
Hey sounds, exactly like my first partial mash (and first home brew ever outside of pre-hopped extract Mr. Beer, which I boiled the extract, even though the instructions didnt tell me too and managed to boil over and cook a ton of it onto the stove top, which turned out to be a great beer and the 2 gallons I bottled barely lasted two weeks).

Things I learned on my first partial mash.

-5 Gallon pot is not enough to brew a 5 gallon batch of beer (ended up using the 5 gallon pot which was filled to 4.5ish gallons and watched it like a hawk during the boil, and another 2 gallon pot I normally use for cooking spaghetti)
-It's ok to top off your fermenter with spring water, because you were a moron and put 1 oz of Hallertau and 1 oz of Cascade in at 60 minutes and (according to some calculators) I basically doubled my IBUs on a scotch ale
-Don't forget to actually sparge, I have no clue what my OG is since you need a very tall glass to hold a hydrometer
-Dont be a lazy ass and go buy a couple bags of ice to cool your wort in your sink, ended up dumping my wort into primary at about 90F
-Finally don't brew on a weekday, rushed home on my bicycle and broke a good many traffic laws running through red lights and stop signs, and set a new personal record for my ride home, only to still not have enough time to cool and pitch my yeast before going and drinking beer and eating wings with some friends, ended up pitching my yeast 2 hours after dumping it in the brew bucket (on the bright side it cooled down a lot while I was off drinking)

I should've read this thread before I read anything else about home brewing. It's on day 3 now in primary happily bubbling away, since I screwed up all my numbers because of the whole 5 gallon pot debacle I may have a super sweet scotch ale, or a super bitter scotch ale, I have no clue.

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Jan 2012
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I can't believe I just found this thread.

I've made plenty of epic bonehead moves.
The ones where I didn't have to dump:

Exploded what I figured was the entire krausen out of my dunkle.
Got home from work on monday after brewing Sunday. The airlock was clogged and audibly hissing. I pull the airlock out of the bung, hissing increases. I work the bung halfway out. It finishes the job, blows out and hits the ceiling. I'm covered in nice dark dunkle krausen, along with my kitchen. I didn't even change out of my work clothes before hand. Blow off tubes from then on! The beer was damn good however.

I ran out of muslim bags so I used a large gym sock when I was doing mini mashes. Beer came out great and the face people made when I told them was priceless.

I once brewed BM's kona clone and used the full 10 gallon recipe for a 5 gallon batch (OG was sky high) I realize a few days after I pitched. LHBS and comments here were loads of help. Got a wine whisk. whisked the **** out of it, syphoned ~half to another carboy. Topped off with Poland springs, whisked the **** out of them again. Fermented, bottled (tagged the split batches, OG of the split was a bit off, but not by much and it had fermented a bit before anyhow so it was up in the air.), tasted fine along the way. Broke a case out for a BBQ a few weeks later and they went like hot cakes. People loved them. Next thing I know they had gotten into the other cases and I had to hide the last 12 22's. People are still asking for me to brew it and I'm tempted to replicate my exact process!

Most recently I ran out of propane while heating my sparge water.
I had another tank but it was REALLY low and I didn't want to run out mid-boil. So I mashed overnight. I thought "People do that right?" It was sat at 7pm the day before Easter. I drove around a bit but no dice. Came home, did a search found out people do mash overnight. Next morning I get some propane and sparge. Efficiency was through the roof, 95%! Brewed the same batch again the same day and recently tasted them when checking FG. You can pick out the overnight mash from the higher ABV but the tastes are pretty spot on, excited to keg and carb this weekend!

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