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Sep 2007
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I may or may not have farted into my airlock on accident once

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Originally Posted by Parker36 View Post
I may or may not have farted into my airlock on accident once


play the bass, brew the beer

What's tappening? :D

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Aug 2008
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I once forgot to attach my SS braid to the inside of my MLT and didn't realize my mistake until 45 min into the mash. So, I had to dump all 12lbs of wet, hot grain into a pail while I attached the braid and unclogged the valve. By the time I got the grain back into the MLT, the water temperature had dropped substantially and I didn't have conversion. So, I heated up more water, added that, and by the time I had conversion I had used 3x the amount of mash water and had 7 gallons of thin wort.

Then when it came time to add my first hop addition, I managed to knock the bowl containing my 2oz of hop pellets off my picnic table and into the grass. I only recovered about 3/4oz.

In the end, I had 6 gallons of a very plain 3.0% light colored beer that was about as hoppy as a BMC and as tasty as a PBR. And the worst part was that when I served it at my college grad party (as it was the only homebrew I had left) everyone loved it. I even had people telling me it was the BEST beer I had EVER made.

Yeah...what a compliment...

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Bernie Brewer
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I like to prop my fermenter on something when racking to the bottling bucket so as to tilt it and get every last drop of beer into the bottling bucket. One time I grabbed the first handy thing I saw- a rusty old hammer. I got all the beer into the bottling bucket. I picked up the fermenter, and sploosh! That old hammer did a perfect swan dive into the bottling bucket. Without thinking, I reached in with my unsanitary arm and fished it out. Damn tasty beer!
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Jun 2008
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I made an Irish Red and accidentally used hefeweizen yeast. I did not like how it turned out but my room mate drank it all.

The first beer I ever made was a wheat beer. I picked up a kit at my LHBS and the forgot the yeast so I used bread yeast. I also used not temp control in the middle of the summer where my apartment was getting into the 90's during the day. Turned out fine.
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Jan 2009
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The batch I have brewing now (my first) has the rubber deal from the lid in it. It broke off and fell in. Since it had been sanitized only minutes earlier I have just left it in. I was told it would be better to do that than to reach in and get it. I was pissed. Im pretty anal about things in general. We will see how it turns out.

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Jan 2007
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On my 2nd batch, I decided to try using a fine filter that came with my funnel when I put the wort into primary. The filter clogged continuously and I finally used my hand to clear out the trub off the filter as I siphoned wort into the primary - ugh! Later on the same batch, I was having trouble with my autosiphon and gurgled the whole batch from primary into secondary. Was getting better at it when I racked to the bottling bucket, but the siphon still had constant bubbling throughout.

So, to re-cap, I stuck my (probably) grubby hand in the fresh wort before fermentation, badly oxygenated the beer racking to secondary, added insult to injury racking to the bottling bucket.

The beer was awesome!

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Jan 2009
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This thread really has made me feel a lot better. Brudaddy, I had the same issue with my siphon. The brew was exposed to air for a long time. Maybe 30 mins. Hope it turns out as tasty as yours did.

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Oct 2008
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left a ten gallon kettle filling with hot water on the counter

flooded the laundry room, the hallway, and made it rain in the basement

ive done this three times

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I urinated in a batch...4 times!!!

No, wait, that's a dream I had that I was the head brewer at Anheuser-Busch...

HB Bill

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