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Long time no see, fellow HBTers! Hope everyones Christmas and New Years was grand!

While SWMBO and I were in Ireland for our honeymoon we fell in love with a couple of drinks out there, primarily Bulmers/Magners. Anyone happen to have a clone recipe for this cider that is close by chance?

I was thinking of something along the lines of Apfelwein but backsweetened a bit? That sound too far off?

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My wife and I love Bulmers. I would love to find a clone. We don't care for the magners as much. A little more watery. We fell in love with them on our trips to Ireland.
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And I love how ye got the name right...

Edit: Sorry I should have clarified that I can't actually help. Unfortunately it seems that straight ciders (as in not fruit flavoured or spiced) really do need to be made with the right blend of the right apples. You could go out and buy every type of apple juice you can find and make a test batch of each but that could be alot of work.

This is taken from the FAQ section on the Bulmers website...

Why do We Use Original Oak Vats in Dowd's Lane?
The Bulmers Vat House in Dowd's Lane was commissioned in 1936, with the majority of Vats built in oak, handcrafted by coopers. The apple pressing is done using the traditional 'cheese' and is one of the core skills of a cider-maker. At Bulmers, the very same presses used to make Bulmers 50 years ago are still used today. This accounts for the consistency in quality of Ireland's most popular cider. Bulmers Original Cider is fermented in the Vat House between 18 degrees and 24 degrees Celsius for a period of eight weeks. The fermentation process in the oak vats provides the distinctive and unique Bulmers taste.

Dowd's Lane provides the character of Ireland's favourite cider - Bulmers Original Cider, and is therefore a closely guarded secret.

What Makes Irish Cider Different From Other Ciders?
Bulmers Original Cider is fermented in the Vat House at Dowd's Lane, between 18 degrees and 24 degrees Celsius, maturing for a few months with samples drawn off and laboratory tested for purity and alcohol content. They are then put through several filtering processes. Other ciders are pasteurised as opposed to using a filtering process, and do not ferment in oak matured vats, which adds significantly to the blend.

Does Bulmers Use Irish Apples?
Bulmers Original Irish Cider is Ireland's biggest purchaser of Irish apples. The entire harvest from Bulmers' 250 acres of orchards, together with the total harvest of cull of apples in the Republic of Ireland plus a substantial portion of Northern Ireland's crop, is required for the Bulmers cider products.

17 varieties of apple are grown in the Bulmers' Orchards in Clonmel and are used to make the famous Bulmers brand. The 17 varieties of apple mature at different times of the season, thus allowing the orchard managers to pace the harvest and produce sufficient varieties to make up a traditional blend like Bulmers, throughout the year.
Hope this helps...
Originally Posted by Me
In the process of buying a bar... One drink at a time...
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...homebrew contains more satisfactrons per serving, so you don't have to drink as much as you would a commercial beer to get to your satisfactron saturation.

Reason: More info

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Originally Posted by celtic_dude View Post
My wife and I love Bulmers. I would love to find a clone. We don't care for the magners as much. A little more watery. We fell in love with them on our trips to Ireland.
Bulmers and Magners are the same thing. They just use the Magners name outside of the Republic of Ireland due to another company owning the Bulmers trademark in the UK.

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I have read with a lot of interest posts re cider making and listened to podcasts re cider of late. Trouble is, cider made with eating and cooking apples is a totally different thing from that which is made using traditional cider apples. Most roadside ciders and many that I have found bottled are not even close to original ciders. Having spent weeks in the western England cider country, talked with the Somerset cider makers, travelled to Long Ashton and the Frech cidre makers in Normandy I found that the appples and the processes are far different from what most would think. If you ever bit into a real cider apple, you wouldn't do it twice. The tannin is extremely high and the sugar low. The tannin is essential. Too, a good cider that is aged in a huge oak butt has the benefit of aging all winter and spring. Some used to use a leg of lamb to get it started. Great cider takes great ingredients and care. Fermenting American eating apples will yield fermented apple juice, but that is light years away from either American, English, French or German ciders. Ah yes, and then there is scrumpy and verjuice.

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