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it's been awhile since I stopped in but after sampling my first efforts, I think I did ok and should keep going.

I started by looking over YooperBrew's blackberry recipe and modified to what I had on hand.

just under a pound of reasonably fresh blackberries (not an easy find)
a litre of corn syrup (golden lily, contains some salt and vanilla)
1/2 tsp acid blend
campden tablet
3 litre's of bottled water
a pinch of oak shavings
1/2 tsp yeast nutrient
Lalvin EC1118 yeast

I started by crushing the blackberries and adding everything except the yeast and nutrient, stoppered the concoction and let it sit for three days in the fridge. today, I warmed it on the counter, strained it and pitched the yeast.

starting gravity is 1.090, although I needed to filter my sample through cheesecloth to get an accurate reading, there's considerable amounts of fluff milling about in it (I'm assuming pectin).

my questions are,

1- should I get something for the pectin (I'm assuming yes)
2- the must tastes pretty passable sans the yeast, I'm thinking a sweet wine might be nice with this one, albeit highly alcoholic with EC1118.
3- I purchased a half litre of honey to add during fermentation, my rudimentary pencil scratching figures a near dry finish at 18%
4- am I just making pruno with #2 & 3?


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