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Is it OK to dump this stuff down the drain? I'm on a septic system and don't want to upset the Enzyme's in the system. But I don't know, maybe the brewing debris is good for the septic devil's. Kinda like an Enzyme party.

But I also don't want to dump it in the yard and have the dog get to it.

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Compost heap?

My dog (as anyone who tuned into my brewcast yesterday afternoon can testify) loves spent grains, so I always give him a scoop or two when I empty the mash tun.

Dumping trub into the septic shouldn't be problematic.

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I have my SWMBO make dog treats out of the grain. My two dogs love it.

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Found this a while back:
Triple Cat Brewery

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The spent grain is ok for the dogs. Mine always get some. Sometimes my wife makes Doggy Holiday treats from the spent grains. That and bread.

The trub is a different story. Keep the dogs away from that. Some dogs find hops EXTREMELY toxic. Greyhounds are the worst. The good news is that trub is great for your septic. The yeast and everything else in there just gets devoured by the enzymes down there and makes them very healthy and active.

I asked my septic guy about it a while back, and that's what he told me.
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Originally Posted by Hegh View Post
great link, if i ever go all grain my boxer is going to love me!

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I dump my trub down the garbage disposal.

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Compost pile, feed them to the chickens, dump in a pile out back for the wildlife. But not the trash or drain.
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Trub is great, it is alcoholic, but watered down it is good on plants, i usually half fill the fermenter with water and stir the trub in then water a few plants with it. I did used to do it with less water but i almost killed a rosemary with it so now i dilute it more. I believe spent grain is bad for some livestock in large quantities, everything in moderation is probably ok

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Nov 2008
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for those of you with septic tanks we give to you our heartfelt thanks

by putting nothing in the pot thats not Guaranteed to rot

no hair combings use the basket

there is a darn good reason why we ask it

Put your hands in the air and step away from that Fermentor


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