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Jan 2009
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What is the best way and how long can you store milled grain?

I just vacuum sealed my milled grain and am going to place it in the freezer.

Does that sound like a good way to keep if fresh?

What do you all do?(I can't afford a grain mill yet and my LHBS is a little too far for a quick run)


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Oct 2008
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I never tried freezing crushed grains, but, though I'm not sure why, it doesn't sound like the best way to keep the grain dry and fresh. Vacuum sealing and storage in a cool dry place sounds right.... but freezing just doesn't strike me as the best thing. Someone may chime in here and tell you they do it all the time though... I might be all wet on this one.
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I vacuum pack and freeze some whole grain, for what that's worth. I really have no idea for crushed grain.
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Jul 2006
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They should last several months stored that way.
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I had some pre-milled Acid malt that was 12 months old...stored at room temp in my brew shop (basement). I pulled them out one day and noticed some "movement". Just some little critters jostling about. They didn't move much after I tossed them into the mash.

That stout was fantastic.

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Nov 2005
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Vacuum packing sounds like a good idea as oxidation processes will start as soon as the grain is cracked. But I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes. BierMunchers experience seems to indicate that it doesn't.


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May 2008
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really? again?

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Aug 2008
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My folks used to store grain in plastic bags inside of sealable buckets; they used a piece of dry ice placed in the bucket for a couple of hours prior to sealing to purge the oxygen and suffocate any bugs in the grain. Might be worth a shot for longer term storage...

more info here: Information on how to preserve grains with dry ice
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Dec 2008
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I don't vacuum seal grain but I have a nice Food Saver. Too lazy I suppose...

I add food grade diatomaceous earth to my sealed containers of grain. Supposedly cuts into any little buggars' exoskeletons. Info on diatomaceous earth The cheapest place to get it is on ebay ...

I also fill small mesh bags with silica gel and store them in containers of grain to get moisture down.

Also, if you have a C02 tank, you can fill containers with it prior to sealing. Store with the opening upright.

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Jun 2008
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Malts are pretty dry compared to normal grains, and thats why the store really well an long.
A soon as you keep it away from moisture they will last forever.

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