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Originally Posted by shecky View Post

She called us bad boys, hehe.

Don't listen to Revvy. He don't know jack.

lol... stop it... I am vulnerable!

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I was hoping that feeling would go away but after batch #19 . . .it's still there!!
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Originally Posted by Grinder12000 View Post
I was hoping that feeling would go away but after batch #19 . . .it's still there!!
Yeah...but at least for us we have a pipeline so there is stuff to drink...and my IPA is screaming at me to bottle it...

It could be worse gang, our hobby could be winemaking...where you don't get to drink it for a year at least...

so I guess we got it lucky.

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Originally Posted by NZGirl View Post
lol... stop it... I am vulnerable!

I have a thing for vulanerable women, we could take you mind of it. I would offer to buy you a drink but that would be a bit tough... So Im Jack, How do you like me so far?

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To voice the side of reason here, there have been several times when I tried a beer while it was too young and it had an off taste and then I had to worry about that for a couple weeks until the green flavor was gone. That was much worse than having just let it go the full 3 weeks in the first place. Impatience + Worry = 2 x Impatience.
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Nov 2008
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so you bottled around 44 or 48 or so right?

whats one beer?

I did the same thing tried one from my first batch at week one

two and three

helps you to learn what green beers taste like and how the flavors

blend with time

call it research

besides no one every forgets their first time for anything

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Aack, all this talk of pipeline and drinking after four days is killing me. I've had the first batch in the bottles for one week as of today. I know they're carbed because they're plastic liter bottles and they're rock hard. The last bottle, which was a little cloudy is now crystal clear and I am tempted. However, it's a Mr. Beer batch and if I crack a bottle I only have seven left. So, I wait, at least two more weeks, then one in the refrigerator.

However, realizing that I need to pick up the pace if this "pipeline" is ever going to materialize, I picked up a five gallon equipment kit at the local More Beer supplier to supplement my Mr. Beer. Unfortunately, I head out of town soon and can't start really laying down batches until early February, but, once I can, watch out!!!

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Nov 2008
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So what did the FG (wine thief) Qty taste like??? Was it good? is that why you are wanting to open a bottle early?

Two more in the pipeline! WOOOT!! Nice work NZGirl!

I've got to get another started, but am waiting for my cooler as I don't have enough snow around to chill another 5 gal batch.

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Dec 2008
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My advice is to drink one, ignore how it tastes and leave the rest for the time required, you need to understand when beer is green, drink it and you will know what that means.

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I usually sample the first bottle from a batch at about 2-2.5 weeks. At least then you're drinking carbonated green beer, and you I can still certainly taste the difference as it ages. I say wait at least another week - my first couple of batches I did try one after only a week and they were really not very good - just a waste of a beer because I didn't even finish them.

We'll understand if you give in and try one, but don't make any judgments about the batch based on such a young sample - and especially don't post a "what did I do wrong" thread LOL
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