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bad coffee
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The lacto is chugging away at 80* in my bathroom. Thursday I'll pitch the yeast.

Came in a bit low 1.024, but who cares, it's not a high ABV beer anyhow. It's my second brew on my electric system, so I think that's where the problem is. Either too much water, low strike temp which I pulled a decoct to raise the temp, or maybe even my crush.

I forgot the rice hulls and still didn't have a stuck sparge. I like this new system!

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Originally Posted by nathan View Post
at this point I firmly believe that we are overthinking and overworking this beer. Just throw a wort together, barely boil it, run it off to some carboys or buckets, put in some bugs and yeast and forget about it for six months. Viola! you have nice sour beer.

I just made some and put it in the corner in the basement to ignore until summer.
So, how did your laid back approach work out? It sounds like a rather tempting way to take this beer on (especially since I just had a fabulous bottle of 1809, and I'm jonesin for a lot more)
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I know one thing... if there's a depression and beer companies go out of business... I'm selling my homebrew.
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I scaled this up to 10 gallon using beer smith. I hit the og perfect but my mash final runnings were 1.007. I believe that's low enough to extract tannins. Beer is still in secondary so I don't know how it turned out yet but what gravity were others final runnings

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I once made the mistake of "barely boiling" my berliner weisse using city water (which is what I usually use). It ended up with loads of chlorophenols. So if you take this approach, be sure to buy good filtered water with no chlorine in it. Just a heads up.
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I was able to get around any chlorophenols by pre-boiling my brew water with campden. The campden breaks the chlorine/ammonia bond, boiling drives off the chlorine and removes the temporary hardness (if racked off of the precipitate). My Milwaukee water isn't terribly hard in the first place but this is a very light beer. This was enough to garner a bronze medal for my interpretation of this beer.
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Bumping this thread because this one of the better/easier Berliner recipes I could find. There aren't many out there.

I went with LME instead of grains, for my own ease. I also used Cascade for the hops because, well, I have Cascade. Either my hydrometer's off or they went heavy on the LME at my HBS, but I was over on my OG. So I'll be calling this an accidentally imperial berliner.

Lacto is off to a slow start so I may give it as many as 7 days head start before pitching the yeast.

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