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Originally Posted by The Pol View Post
I am not an elitist... but my point is that going All Grain, isnt hard. There are a lot of people that do it and never do extract. It is talked up to be some big thing... it isnt. The toughest part, making sure you have the room to brew outdoors with a burner and a large pot.... that is about the hardest part for most ppl.
And the time, it takes a minimum of two hours longer to brew with all grains. But yah, you gotta be able to brew outside. Moving outside made my extract brewing so much more enjoyable anyways.

And anyone that capitalilizes "All Grain" and shortens people into "ppl" is a snob, or maybe a cop, who knows??
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Originally Posted by Fadeux View Post
I assume most people on here do all-grain brewing. I am just curious as to how long you did extract brewing (if at all) before understanding the process enough to do all-grain. I have done two batchs, a hefe, currently in bottle stage, and a lager, still in secondary. Basically I am just reading and following instructions. I am wondering what really gets people to that next step of all-grain.
I did 1 extract batch and 1 PM batch before I switched to all grain. I have done a total 10 batches. Since going to all grain I have developed 2 of my own recipes that are similar. 1 is an IPA and the other is an APA. I like them both very much. They are better than any beer I have had elsewhere. I believe that all grain gives me more control over the overall product.
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Will work for beer
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4 batches, so about 3 months or so. I felt like I was making ragu instead of my own real sauce.

The control over the AG process is what I craved.
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6 months...tops. Then I switched to all grain half batches because I'm an indoor brewer and lack the space and ability to do full boils for 5 gals.

Is the beer better? Maybe a little. But I like the process much more. Like Dude said, I felt like I wasn't really making my own beer as much as I was just assembling ingredients.
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14 years......with a 12+ year gap. Started with extract in college and brewed 4 or 5 batches. Didn't even know that all grain was an option.

Got back in to the hobby last spring and have done 6 batches of extract. Will probably stick with extract for this year and focus on getting better at what I am doing now, possibly build a kegerator and get away from bottles. My neightbor does AG and I might try a few batches with him this spring. I would like to try t doing the same beer on the same day, mine extract with steeping grains and his AG and then compare. Should be interesting.
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Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
I don't do any one type of brewing...I'm not elitist and believe that All grain is the Holy grail mecca of brewing...It's not the type of brewing you do that makes good's YOUR PROCESS...
Revvy, settle down man. No one claimed AG was a holy grail in here. I completely understand your point but maybe wait until someone makes a claim that extract brewing is for losers...
Welcome to I love you.
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Originally Posted by Bobby_M View Post
Revvy, settle down man. No one claimed AG was a holy grail in here. I completely understand your point but maybe wait until someone makes a claim that extract brewing is for losers...
Hey, I like Revvy, so I'll back him up...

Extract is for losers!
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I'm like Grumpy. I have had two brewing lives. The first was extract and steeping grains and it lasted for 5 years back in the '90s. After a long break and renewing my skills by rereading the classic books on the subject I went pretty much straight to AG for several reasons but primarily because I am a geek ( and a trained chef.) I love the science and math of AG. I love the control. I love mashing, I love sparging. I love defining my beer through ingredient selection and refining it through technique.

I equate Extract vs AG to cooking with canned stock vs homemade stock. You can get good results from each but when I have clients over you can bet I'm pulling out the hand crafted veal reduction and a few of my AG ESBs to serve before dinner.
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14+ years as an extract & grains...I never plan on going AG...

Some AG'ers can make bad beer without using extract...the proof is in the pub...
HB Bill

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