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Apr 2006
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[QUOTE=casebrew]Check the ingredients on corn syrup bottles- light stuff ususlly has vanilla added, but not the dark syrup.QUOTE]

Home brewing does not have to be a science, it is supposed to be a pleasure. Corn syrup is fine to use. You might like the extra flavor of the vanilla? Look at all the specialty extracts and yeasts used to produce just the right bouquet of flavors for some people's special beers. Well remember, those are their special beers but don't have to be special for you. Recipes are usually written to fit the ingredients on hand at brew time and changed when something is missing.

Since you are new, you want to be careful about contamination - wash everything and keep the pets away. Bacteria and molds alter the flavor a lot faster than vanilla!

Cost is another reasonable factor. Corn syrup is mega cheap (huge market, mass distribution) compared to internet ordered corn sugar (specialty market, specialty shipping).

Take your time and have fun!

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Feb 2006
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I kind of agree with Johnoswald's comments . . . kind of.

Here is the problem with using things like commercial corn sugar. A lot of beginning homebrewers use this line of logic - "I am not sure that I will like this hobby or that I can make great beer, so I am going to try a batch on the cheap. If it is good, I will then purchase more equipment, better ingredients, etc." Using this logic, they think that using a lot of table sugar, corn syrup, etc. will save them some $$$ but give them a good introduction to the craft.

Too often, however, what happens is that this first "penny-pincher ale" is downright undrinkable and these new homebrewers assume that homebrewed beer will always taste like this.

I have met so many people who have a flawed understanding of what homebrewed beer should taste like. Most of these are guys who claim that they tried homebrewing once, and it tasted fizzy and cidery. After I talk more about it with them, I almost always find out that their only homebrewing experience was with a can of malt and the directions that came with the can - usually calling for multiple pounds of table sugar - and a 2 gallon brew pot.

My point is this - if you really want to learn how to brew, you should brew to a set of style guidelines to see how great homebrewed beer can be. After this, experimentation with commercial corn syrup may be fun, but you'll know the flavor profile that it creates because you'll know what all-malt beer tastes like.

Just my $.02

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I'm new at this, but I'm trying to do things the right way initially. No corn syrup, gotta know what the beer is SUPPOSED to taste like before doing any major substitutions. Prolly going to be an extract brewer for a while (can't see ******* out the money for AG equipment for a while), but I still don't want to fool around too much until I get the basic process down and know that I'm doing it right. Case of "gotta know the rules before you can break them."

EDIT: Wait a minute, am I not allowed to say "f o r k i n g"?

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adhd curmudgeon
Jun 2006
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Originally Posted by casebrew
Check the ingredients on corn syrup bottles- light stuff ususlly has vanilla added, but not the dark syrup.

If you have to use table suger, boil it with a little lemon juice first, the yeasties will appreciate that you have broken the sucrose into glucose and fructose for their dining pleasure.
How much lemon juice should be added for ideal results?

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adhd curmudgeon
Jun 2006
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how long should it be boiled for?

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