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Sep 2008
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I think I may have screwed up with my first application of Whirflock. I brewed an extract version of Biermunchers Sterling Gold (All-Grain - Sterling Gold (3.5% AG, Light and Zesty) - Home Brew Forums).

I added the Whirlflock at 15 mins left in boil. I chilled the wort down to 70 degrees with an immersion chiller - took about 15 minutes with occasional stirring. I put the pot on the stove to hold while I prepared my fermenter. There were 3 gallons of wort. I noticed the top inch or so was more clear than usual (first use of clearing agent). I waited about 10 more minutes and had more clearing. The clearing eventually reached about 1/2 of the wort but wouldn't go further. I initially siphoned the top half off, but no way I was going to leave 1.5 gals behind. I ended up pouring the whole thing into my fermenter through a straining bag. Caught some debris, but not more than previous boils without the Whirlflock.

So far I think I've gotten zero benefit from this practice. Will it drop out better during primary? I've got just under 20 batches under my belt and I'm not trying to turn my attention to clarity.

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What??? Here is how it is done correctly. Drop in the Whirflock and forget about it.

I'm not sure WHAT you were doing. Whirflock does it's work in the carboys. You get that funky carbboard effect that freaked me out the first time.

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Just drop the tablet in with 15 minutes left in the boil. I always strain when pouring into the carboy. As it's fermenting, the Whirfloc will do it's magic. Lots of crazy looking stuff floating around. Kind of like a brewer's lava lamp.

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IIRC, Whirfloc is a form of Irish Moss. It will do it's "thing" during fermentation and secondary. It binds with the protiens and settles out with the yeast. At least that's my understanding of how Irish Moss works, I could be wrong.
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Funny, ran into an whirlflock problem today, actually, lack there of. Not stressing, but wondering if there were any ways to help clear the beer up once in the fermenter. I suppose a secondary, but curiosity has me in it's grips and wondering if there is anything to be gained from adding whirlflock once in the fermenter.

Just a curiosity, everything else was done so I have no fear for the beer.

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All whirlflock and other "boil" finings do are help proteins coagulate. This is mostly in the form of the cold break. They will also help some once in the fermenter. There is no need to drop whirlflock or irish moss into the fermenter. You won't really see the results of these type of finings until the beer is done fermenting and has had some chance to age. Your beer will always be cloudy during active fermentation since there is yeast floating around eating up yummy sugars.

If the beer is not clear enough for you in 3 weeks, you can always use other finings like gelatin and crash cooling. Dont quote me on this, but I think gelatin may have a negative effect on yeast being able to bottle condition properly.

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That's how it's supposed to work.. it sounds like you had some cold break which will settle out during fermentation. I don't worry about the break material in the fermenter since I strain my hops. My beer is full of junk going into the fermenter but is very very clear after fermentation.

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