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Originally Posted by agenthucky View Post
It isn't about an upper limit or lower limit.

Though theoretically you wouldn't want it to reach pasteurize temperatures because it would kill the yeast.
That's all I meant. This is definitely a RDWHAHB situation.

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Great thread, thanks for all the tips Revvy and others, especially the PVC elbow dip tube. Forgive me if it's been mentioned before, but one thing that slows me down when capping with a wing capper is the fear that a bottle will slip out from under the capper as I push down on it. I've wanted to try a bench capper due to this issue but have kept in mind what Revvy said that it's faster to bring the capper to the bottle than vice versa. So I built a very simple bottle holder that allows me to cap 6 bottles with the wing capper very quickly with no fear that they'll tip over (see pic). My original design was to drill large holes in plywood or thin boards and glue 2 or 3 together with spacers in between, but didn't have the right tools for the task. So this is heavier and not as elegant but works well. I considered a wooden six pack holder (because that would have other uses) but the bottles would get in the way of each other when capping, hence the linear design.
Click image for larger version

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Sorry for the mispost. Nice tips all! Bottling is a labor of love. Yes it can be time consuming, but worth it.

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I just tried the PVC elbow dip tube. 3/4 female. Problem is that it gets to a certain point of tightening (not tight enuf to get a good seal) and then it slips off the threads just enuf that if beer had been in there, it would be gushing out around the spigot. I got it to work once but it was very tenuous and I was on pins and needles the whole bottling session. Anyone else run into this?

Regular white spigot and red spigot. Tried both.
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I toyed around with a PVC elbow, but never got it to work. I also couldn't find a handy source for the elbows that did not sell them with a sticker directly applied, using some god awful glue that I could not remove without Goo-Gone. (And I'm not a fan of cleaning food preparation equipment with petroleum distillates...) I don't think I'd be able to sanitize it.

So I just go with tipping the bucket, it's such an easy thing to do I haven't bothered making any further effort to build a dip tube. I do happen to have some rubber stoppers now, so maybe I'll try with that some time.

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Just wanted to say thanks for all the good info in this thread. I've only made probably a dozen or so batches because bottle turned into a nightmare for me. I would have one to many beers before starting and would end up hooking several bottles with the 3 ft of tubing I was using. Which resulted in many "man down" situations and a pissed off fiancÚ. I have been on the fence about upgrading to kegs or building a recurculating ebiab set up as my next upgrade. After getting some useful information from this tread I am pretty sure I'll go ahead and upgrade my brewery and stick to bottles for a little while longer. Thanks again! Love this hobby and this forum.

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Found the answer.... thanks for all the good info in this thread.

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If you have a couple sets of Fast Racks and trays, you can use them to hold your sanitized bottles. Drown the bottles or use a vinator to wet the inside of the cleaned bottles with sanitizer, and then set them in the rack. Put about an inch of sanitizer in the trays such that the lips of the bottles are submerged. The inside of the bottles stay sanitized and are closed to contamination until you pull them out to fill them. It also allows the majority of the sanitizer to drain out.
Click image for larger version

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Originally Posted by funnycreature View Post
Thanks! The elbow is so long that I can't even turn it past probably 60░. It's a Tru Brew 5 gal bottling bucket and the spigot hole center is (just guessing here) ~2" above the bottom.
Remember to hold the elbow in the bucket in the right orientation, and then screw the spigot into the elbow, and not to twist the elbow onto the spigot that is already in place.

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