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Originally Posted by Getzinator View Post
Hey Revvy,
Not to add to your workload around here, but would you mind adding this to the OP? This is something I didn't know, and my first bottling is right around the corner. I would have been stopping the flow an inch below the neck every time if not for you!

Back to my main point: Not everyone will read 46 pages in to find that gem, and I feel like it would be an excellent addition to your (otherwise) Complete Bottling Guide.
Who knows how long it would have taken me to discover the bottling wand- but when I started I bought the Intermediate kit from Midwest Supplies, and it included not only the bottling wand but an autosiphon, another item I wouldn't be without.
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I'm with you there! The kit I bought had both, otherwise I would have probably just said "Eh I don't need them."

But more specifically I didn't know the displacement caused by the wand would give you perfect headspace every time. Neat!
My spoon is TOO big.

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I find the bottling wand takes all the fun out of filling the bottles. That is why I let my kids bottle the beer. (and make wallets)

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Originally Posted by KilhavenBrew View Post
I find the bottling wand takes all the fun out of filling the bottles. That is why I let my kids bottle the beer. (and make wallets)
You should have them work for Nike making sneakers as well, at the least they would be bringing in $4 a week.

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Feb 2012
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Just build the dip tube from earlier posts. My autosiphon got a crack in it and wasn't able to create a vacuum. So I picked up a rubber stopper from my LHBS for a couple of bucks and chopped the end off my old autosiphon. Really made bottling simpler. Thanks!

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Originally Posted by pacman View Post
Great thread. Thanks Revvy & Co for all the great advice.

Have returned to HB after a 5 year break during which I was a client of a local UBrew4U microbrewery which has now closed down due to being unprofitable in a regional location.

A couple of questions:

1. I have been bottling directly from my primary fermenter. Is this Kosher? Have only racked from primary once and experienced an infected brew.

2. This approaching Aussie winter I plan to use lager yeasts. Will I still need to carb at 70degF for 3 weeks, or can I successfully carb by storing my bottles at the lower fermentation temperature range that lagers utilise?

i would highly recommend transferring to a bottling bucket or spare fermenter for bottling, that way the trub doesn't end up in the bottles, also you'll know exactly how much you're bottling and how much priming sugar to use

that's a good question about the lager - i don't have experience in that question would be, would it be bad for the lager to store the bottles at 70f?
I brew a lot.

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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by BrianP View Post
Yes, I made a dip tube for my bottling bucket out of a 3/4" PVC 90deg elbow. I think it cost $0.39 at Lowe's and threads right onto the tail piece of the bottling spigot. It couldn't be simpler. Check out my gallery for a poorly done schematic and/or PM me and I'll verify the part number. Or do what I did and bring the spigot with you to Lowe's and see what threads onto it. When I fill bottles with this I am usually left with about 2 or 3 oz. of beer in the bucket.
This is exactly what I did... Was left with a pretty dry bucket!

I want to make beer!

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Mar 2012
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Is it ok to use a used wine cork if if i soak it in starn san for a bit?

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Mar 2012
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Originally Posted by TBaGZ View Post
This is exactly what I did... Was left with a pretty dry bucket!

Thanks to whomever made this suggestion. I picked up the 3/4" PVC elbow at Lowe's for peanuts. Like less than a dollar. It works great. It's amazing how it is exactly the right size. Just apply and tighten the spigot like normal and put this on the end.

A note for those looking at Lowe's. I didn't think they had a threaded one at first, I could only find a non-threaded 3/4" elbow. The threaded 3/4" is in a totally separate section from the non-threaded; in my store it was in a different aisle, so be sure to look around.

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May 2012
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For some reason my bottling wand doesn't fit directly on to my bottling bucket's spigot like i see it does for most of you guys. Would it be ok to cut a 6" or so section of vinyl tubing off of my siphon hose and use that to connect the wand to the spigot, or would that create oxidation when filling my bottles?

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