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Nov 2008
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I say this every year, but the sheer joy on my daughters face when she sees that Santa came by is priceless. I just makes me want to burst with happiness to see her get so excited and thanking Santa for all of the cool stuff she got. Unfortunately this joy also comes with a price.

I have to be conscious for this...

Its bad enough that we were up until 2(something) this AM to get it all set up, but throw in the fact that we were awoken at around 6(something) to see what Santa brought. I think that Santa is really Satan misspelled.
Is it too early for a beer?
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Dec 2007
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Living alone, and not seeing anyone right now, and childless, I can't really say there's anything BEST about Christmas Morning.


I lasted listening to about 5 Christmas Songs on the radio before having the desire to sledgehammer the radio. I turned on a Austaralian Brewing podcast instead.

Enjoy those precious moments you have with those you love.

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Jan 2005
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excited munchkin, who was as excited to give the gifts she picked out for me and her mom.


all the little metal twist ties, tape and rubberbands that hasblo uses to secure their plastic piles of crapola. half the price on toys is gotta be in the packaging. the last two years i've gotten the cross cutters ready the night before.

the pile of wasted wrapping paper and boxes that i have to bundle up.
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Aug 2008
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Originally Posted by JoeMama View Post
Is it too early for a beer?
No, that is exactly why I have some oatmeal stout on hand.Yummm, breakfast.

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Nov 2007
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yea- I love seeing my oldest get his IPOD and 10 min later we find out one of my HDD is going bad. The one with the OS boot on it......

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Nov 2008
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515 am my son is flicking the light on to our bedroom.... Still was fun watching the kids. My daughter is 14 so she does not get much stuff that is "fun" Clothes and all that. I have been tasked with building the rocket, he is taking a nap already so we don't tie him to the rocket and see how high off the ground we can get him.
The bad side is my our family is all ovet the states and none are close. It has always been just us for the holidays. It would be nice to share some home brew and memories with family, but I guesss this means more beer for me.
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Nov 2008
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My kids are at their mom's again for xmas. She lives in the next state over, and I have no family local, so I send them there so they can have a bunch of family around them on the holidays instead of just me. It's been that way for the last several years, but one of these years, I'll have them with me. Maybe I'll bring them on a vacation to Mexico or something one year.....

But ultimately, it really is nice to have the kids around especially on a day like xmas. Love them kids to death, and couldn't wait for them to leave, (was getting perpetual headaches from their constant arguing) but as soon as they left, the house felt really big and empty. And too quiet. Enjoy them every second you have them. For better or worse.

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Apr 2008
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No, it's not too early to have a drink. I've had 3 Baily's and cofee and am on my way to get number 4.
I know what you mean, but, Please enjoy every moment of waking up with them. All my kids are grown and in different states and I would give almost anything to have them wake me up again on Christmas morning.
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Be good to your yeast...
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Jun 2008
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Man Revvy, you're makin' me depressed. We have a guest room...
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Aug 2008
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The Baily's and coffee sure sounds good !!!
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