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I'm sure you've decided what to do by now, but none of us can tell you what to do, after all you know her much better than us! All I can say is what's kept my marriage together this long is stubborness, hardheadedness, and resolve! We would've been divorced long ago if not for both of us being too stubborn to give up. Not a day goes by that I don't P.O. that woman! But alas I know her... I dare say I'm the only one on this forum married to a woman whom actually shot someone .... on purpose! My SWMBO is not a woman to be messled with!

I say dispose of as need be and then tell her it was okay (and thank her for being thoughtful), but you'd prefer something else next time!

fwiw I've tasted it on tap and it was drinkable, a step below blue moon(which I'm not much of a fan of either). I do enjoy the Mich. Dunkle Weizen, it's about the only super premium BMC product that I like. Several of the Michelobe offerings are drinkable if not good.


Ps you guys make me sick! I'm in MS and most of the best bier is bootlegged in, or there are a couple we can actually get... but not many!
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Originally Posted by curt656 View Post
I know what to expect being a BMC product
See, I have a problem with this. Expectations will always colour your experience, so if you assume that a beer is bad before you've even tried it you'll find it tends to live up to your expectations. It is admittedly impossible (short of completely blind tasting) to prevent past experiences from affecting your current perception, but holding your nose and drinking a beer that you're already convinced will be bad is not the same as being open-minded.

Does this mean you're wrong to think the beer is bad? By no means. The only objectively bad beer is one that causes physical illness or death. Everything else is subjective, from the person who thinks Michelob is the ultimate beer and everything else is crap to the one who drinks Rodenbach Grand Cru as a palate cleanser between beers and wouldn't dream of even trying a light lager.
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I'm with you curt... It sucks!
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Yea, chock me up in the "Bad" category as far as Shock Top goes. I bought a 6 pack of it about a month ago to just try it. After all you never know unless you try...... right?

Most definitely a "Do Not Purchase Again" beer IMO, but the bottles are good for bottling so it wasn't a complete

Hats off to your wife for the gesture though. My bride did the same for me once (Tequiza... Ack... Stomach just flopped thinking about it) and it meant a lot to me knowing she was thinking about me.

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