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Oct 2007
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Okay, I have a few brews under my belt. I have a pretty consistant method for beginner brewing, but this subject has just started to bother me.
I have a good grasp on hop additions and such, but I have recently discovered that I do not know specifically when to remove the hops from the wort.
For instance, say you have a 60min, 30min, and 15min addition, I have been removing the hop additions as soon as i remove the wort from heat. I assume (by no other specific source, but my own experience) that this is correct.
But, what about when you have a 60min, 15min, and a 0min addition. Do you (1) just drop the 0min in and pull it out immediately with the other hops (2)Remove the other hops, but leave in the 0min addition during the chilling, then remove it, or (3) leave all hops in during chilling and remove before pitching.

Does any of this even make sense?

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Nov 2008
Southern Oregon
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A 0 min addition sounds like you throw it in and get the wort cooled and into the primary however you do so. Some dont remove their hops at all and just pour the whole lot into their primary. Others filter or siphon out of the kettle to the primary and leave the hops behind (I pref this as it leaves less trub in the primary).

Not a whole lot is extracted from hops without heat as far as I can find. If I missed or messed something up correct me.
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Nov 2008
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Originally Posted by ziggy3984 View Post
(3) leave all hops in during chilling and remove before pitching.

Does any of this even make sense?
Yes and Yes

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Dec 2008
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Thought I'd give this a bump to get some more opinions. In all the years that I have brewed, I always remove the hops when I shut off the heat.

Just curious about what most people around here do, leave em' in or take em' out?

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I don't bother with trying to remove the hops at the end of the boil. I normally use pellet hops and don't have much problems with my siphon clogging. I suppose I do swirl my boil pot to concentrate the break and hops in the midle and siphon from the edge, but I don't stress about some going into the primary.

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Apr 2009
Howard Lake, MN
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I've tried both boiled in bag and loose boiled then strained so far. Personally I'm finding the loose boil and strain preferable, seems to get better flavoring. As an added bonus running the whole works through a strainer helps out getting some air whipped in, less work and more brew time.
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Old 04-16-2009, 01:41 AM   #7
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Aug 2008
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I've been using a bag for my bittering hops, and additions in the last 20 minutes or so I throw right into the boil. When I go to cool I fish out the bags of bittering hops, but leave the late additions in during cooling for maximum flavor. They get filtered out when I pour into the fermenter.

When I started brewing I would pull them all out at flameout, but after I did my first recipe that called for a flameout hop addition I decided it didn't make sense to put them in and take them right back out again.
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Mar 2009
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Nothing scientific to this, just my style:

1) If the recipe calls for a decent amount of hops, I bag them in a nylon bag, then remove the bag during the cooling process.

2) If the recipe is light on hops, I don't bag them, and I just leave them in, and even pull a decent amount of the trub into the primary.
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Mar 2009
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If I'm using whole hops or a plug, I strain them out before transferring to the primary (after the wort is cooled). If I'm using pellets, I just leave them (figuring it's not worth my time to try to strain the particles...)

Just my $0.02.

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Old 04-16-2009, 03:21 PM   #10
May 2007
San Diego, CA
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I never remove mine. They all go straight into the fermenter. However, if I were going to do so, I wouldn't until the wort is cooled. You're losing flavor and aroma value there.

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