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Default Musky Mead

I recently tried my first mead. I used a medium show mead recipe. It has about 8 months on it now, but has what I can only describe as "musky" after taste. Any thoughts on what is causing this? Also, I bottled it a little to early, noticing some sediment in the bottom of the bottles, but no carbonation, which tells me it just wasn't clear enough at bottling time, but it was done fermenting. Can I filter each bottle with a coffee filter if the sediment doesn't harden enough to pour off the top of it? Your help is appreciated!

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I tried that myself once, And it didnt work out all that well

What if you empty all the bottles back into the bottling bucket and let it

settle for a couple days . I know thats a pain in the arse but its probably

the easiest way out. I think they make wine filters but i have never used

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Choice 1, let it sit longer, if it does not get better, bust it out for drunk friends, they will not notice the musky taste. Then find and fix the problem for future batches.

Choice 2, Mix it with other drinks. Serve to over indulge friends. etc.

Choice 3. Forget about them for 3 years, if still not good see 1 and 2.

Choice 4, the above options. Really, introducing O2 to a mead at this stage is not good. - Jump to choice 20,
If you carefully racked from the bottles (REAL PAIN), back to a carboy, added a healthy yeast starter to ferment and condition the mead would be around choice 20. NO, strike that, choice 40+.

See choice 1,2,3 and choose your time line.
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