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Originally Posted by ScubaSteve View Post
Sierra Nevada is big on double dry hopping (Stone does this sometimes too). This is actually not as expensive as it sounds, and I have been experimenting with it recently. All you do is throw 1 ounce in the primary towards the end of fermentation....then proceed to dry hopping in the keg as described above. It'll take one more ounce, and from what I can tell, it's got some serious results. Basically, you're doing a double infusion; once the first hops are spent, you add new hops to keep imparting hop oils. I'm really digging this new I primary for 3+ weeks anyway.
Just curious - is dry-hopping twice with one ounce each time any different to dry-hopping once with two ounces?
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I generally dry hop with fine mesh bags in the serving keg. However I end up with hop chunks in my beer which aren't the most appealing. On my current batch I'm going to try a surescreen which is a SS filter that goes over the dip tube.
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My second dry-hopping (using pellets) which I did recently for a SN Celebration Ale recipe didn't work too well as I had a tough time siphoning. It kept getting clogged even with a hop bag over the end of the siphon to work as a filter. I think I'm going to try putting hop pellets in a nylon hop bag on my next beer. I guess I'll need to figure out how to weigh it down since I assume it will float....

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I dry hop in the secondary using whole hops. I've done this with cascade and centennial. Both work well. I have not had any issues syphoning from the secondary to the keg yet. I love me some hops!
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Originally Posted by Chello View Post
Does the temperature of the beer matter when dry hopping? Or more specifically, can i drop hop a beer in the keg at serving temp or is it more effective at room temp?
Yes and Yes. If you dry hop in the keg, put the hops in a sanitized nylon bag so that they don't get plugged in the dip tube and poppets. More Beer even has keg lids with a hook welded on the inside so that you can hang a hop bag.

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I dry-hopped an IIPA a month ago, but because of time I just dropped the whole leaf hops in with a hop bag I boiled for 15mins into the primary. I know it's common practice to do it in the secondary, but it worked fine for me.

Yesterday was a different story though. I'm doing a 2xIPA inspired by DFH 90min, and I wanted to rack it to the secondary. I boiled my bag like last time, put the hops in, and went to put it in the carboy. Well of course it wouldn't fit. There was no way I was getting that bag with all the wl hops in the mouth of the carboy. So I found this post, read it thoroughly, sanitized the neck of the carboy, and just started pushing the hops straight into the carboy (thanks HBT!). So now my beer is loaded with new free-floating hops. We'll see how it turns out, but I'll definitely be trying the hop bag or something on the end of the siphon as a filter.

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Actually made me think of another question...

Does anyone have a good method to get whole leaf hops into the carboy? Some sort of funnel system that works well? I ended up pushing them through with my fingers, but sadly lost some to the floor which made me want to cry.

Also, if anyone has devised a good method to use a hop bag please do tell. As I was trying to jam my hop bag in (with no success), I was thinking "if I do manage to get this in here, the only way it's coming out is with a sledgehammer blow to the carboy".

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to get them out i usually tip the carboy upside down and cut the bag with knife. Then just fish out the bag and rinse out the hops.
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I have most success with pellets just tossed right into secondary. I usually wrap a paint strainer over the end of my siphon to, to catch any gunk that might not have settled completely.

Whole hops are much harder to get out of a carboy, but it can be done.

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This has been working well for me:

After the "peak" of fermentation (about day 4), I add 1 oz. of pellets and stir. After a few days, I stir again, then stir one last time after another few days. I heard this technique from an interview with, I think it was a brewer from Bells. They 'stir' by bubbling CO2. The key is the warm temperatures during fermentation that help extract the flavors/aromas. Also, any O2 introduced from adding the hops / stirring will be scrubbed by the still-active yeast. Of course, keep your stirring device sanitized.

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