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Mar 2008
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Im Working on a recipie for a highly alchoholic stout (12%?) using Cayenne and Chocolate like the chocolate drink aztecs drank + beer. The plan is to save this batch for december 21st 2012, which is the day that the aztecs and mayans suposedly predicted that the world will end. Anyway I would love some help from the more experianced recipe-smiths. I want the chocolate and cayenne to be very evident in the taste, but I do not want it to be burning spicy. I Based my current recipe on BrewPastor's Dark Night of the Soul RIS. One of my main concerns is that the cayenne will totaly fade after almost 4 years in the bottle.

6 Gallon Batch

30# two row pale
1.5# Chocolate
1.5# 150L Crystal
1.5# roasted rye
1# Special B Malt

6 oz columbus @ 60min

I would Mash It low and long (3 hours @ 150*?) as I do not want this thing to be too cloying.

When should I add the Chocolate and How much? I Was thinking cocoa powder. One of my concerns is that the amount of hops will be too much when the bitterness of the chocolate is put into consideration.

I was thinking 3/4 of a tablespoon of cayenne in the secondary.

Please Help me out.

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Dec 2008
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sounds awesome, really would like to try this in a small batch, when all the kinks are worked out
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Don't know what to add except that I've had that chocolate and thought it was great!
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What about cutting the cayenne with some paprika? It might add more flavor for you and keep the heat down.

I would be tempted to do a 1 gallon test with the pepper powders. Boil it for 60 or 90 min, what ever you plan to do, then taste it to make sure the heat is not over the top and check the "pepper" flavor.

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Mar 2008
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I was considering using some ancho peppers as well for a smokey flavor.

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Nov 2008
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This sounds like a great idea. Mexican hot chocolate has many similar properties that I really enjoy. If you want a smokey flavor that will cut the cayenne you use Spanish smoked paprika. It does have a fairly strong smokey flavor, but would go very well in a RIS, especially one with some spice like you are planning.

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Mar 2008
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I have no experiance With roasted rye, what is the purpose of it in Brewpastor's original recipe. I mean, why didnt he just use roasted barley?

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You could get some Cayenne peppers and roast them for a smokey flavor. The problem is I don't know how easy it is to find fresh cayenne pepper right now but I know they roast up really nice.

To get a little more flavor instead of hotness carefully seed the peppers and just use the flesh part in the secondary.

Another idea is to make a strong tincture using cayennes to try and capture the flavor. Anyone know if this might help preserve the flavor long term?

I'm just tossing idea about since I'm mentally working on a Jalapeno beer recipe that a friend has been hinting I make for her.
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Oct 2008
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I second the use of Ancho powder (even if it's just in addition to the Cayenne). The smokey/earthy flavor os the Ancho pairs perfectly with the cocoa.

Also, the Mayans did not say it's going to be the end of the world or anything like that. All it is is that their final calander ENDS then (actually, it ends in 2013 if you want to be more specific b/c they didn't factor in O into the year, they only factored in the gregorian calander...sigh....). It's just an interesting fact that whenever one of the Mayan's calanders ends there has been upheval and distruction.
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Look into Stones bitter chocolate oatmeal stout. There was an interview with Mitch Steele on a recent episode of the brewing network where he discussed what they used for chocolate.

I seem to recall it was actual unprocessed cacoa beans. They actually used them for the bittering characteristics and did not rely solely on hops.

As to the pepper I can't help much. Never played with them in beer though I love hot peppers. If you are going to bottle it maybe stuff a whole pepper into each bottle?

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