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Jun 2008
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LUKSUSOWA, from Poland.

Story here: I had an Irate customer at Lowes 3 yrs ago, I was the Dept. MGR,
and they were screaming about a sub contractor and a former employee. I calmy said, I'm Polish, and I couldn't F%*# things up this bad. They laughed, and in the end, after dealing with the sub that was doing the work, and visiting their home for inspection of problems, they bought me a bottle.
I liked it, and it is now my go to sipping bottle.

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Oct 2007
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Vodka should always be stored in the freezer.

To quote Anthony Dias Blue in The Complete Book of Spirits:
To prepare a tasting, vodka should be placed in the freezer overnight. This brings the liquor to its proper viscosity and flavor


The practice of drinking vodka straight up and icy cold came from the origins of the drink. Originally called "wine", vodkas were stored in cellars. Because of its alcohol content, the spirit didn't freeze solid and was drinkable even in the dead of winter.
And for those wondering, 40% alcohol vodka will freeze at -17F (-27C) where as your the ideal temperature of a freezer is 0F (-18C). If your vodka freezes in your freezer, either your freezer is too cold or someone is adding water to your vodka.
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I'll give a +1 to the Belvedere. I was on a cruise last spring and we met they had a Grey Goose ambassader on the ship. Gave mixology sessions, bought drinks. He was a very nice guy. Off the record sitting at the bar he said he thinks Belvedere is a great vodka. He also mentioned Chopin. I believe Chopin is one of the few potato vodkas around. I havnt had it enough to remember it standing out, but i think it is one of the top tier Vodkas.
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Jun 2007
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Just to add to the Stoli posts... if you can afford it (and find it), Stolichnaya Gold is a superb vodka. It has a black label with white and red lettering and costs 1.5 times as much as what regular Stoli costs, but it's smooth as a silk sheet on a hot date with a babe... I lost my train of thought (Seinfeld reference). Anyway, it's smooth and with a good complexity for a vodka.

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Nov 2006
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I prefer Hangar One (the white grape version... not the flavored), when I can find it. Alas, my local liquor store stopped carrying it!

Beyond that I drink Belvedere.
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Sep 2007
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As Laurel already mentioned, Ciroc is good (although I hate that P Diddly-Dumbass is advertising for it now). We also like Chopin, which I believe is a Polish potato vodka. Good stuff, very smooth.

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Jan 2008
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Chopin is a GREAT vodka and the one that we currently have in the freezer. It's VERY neutral and really an all-around good vodka. It doesn't have any of the ridiculous advertising like I now hear Ciroc has (I don't think I'll be buying it again JMulligan), and it also doesn't have anything that notably sets it apart in flavor like Ciroc. I'll put a vote in for Chopin. It doesn't have a dumb "look I have shiny **** and fake gems all over the place" bottle either.

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Originally Posted by Freezeblade View Post
+1 on Tito's. Some good stuff there, mixes great and is good straight.
Another vote for Tito's. And it's made in Austin!
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Aug 2008
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Tito's is by far the best vodka out there!

Chopin is a superb potato vodka and Belvedere is also very good. Zubrowka also makes an excellent vodka, great straight up and when mixed. Not all that well known though.

Grey Goose and Crioc are fratboy crap... IMO

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Old 12-22-2008, 06:49 PM   #30
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Nov 2007
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Ciroc is low grade vodak with ultra premium advertising.
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