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Nov 2008
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SWMBO prefers this vodka:
Great Vodka - Rain
she used to drink Grey Goose and says this is same if not better.

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Aug 2008
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NO on the Bourban, whiskey, etc. I drink two things: Beer and bourban. don't offer me rum, tequila, etc. etc.

Point? People who have a drink, typically don't want to stray too far from thier own beaten path.

If they are vodka drinkers, I second the kettle one. when I used to drink vodka martinis it was my favorite.

Potato vodka is a misnomer. Yes some vodkas are from potatoes but since vodka is a nuetral spirit devoid of color or odor, it can be made from anything. Just sugar and water, can be made into a vodka because it is just the pure alcohol from any fermented liquid. There are some vodkas made from potatoes but the best russian and american vodkas are grain based, and I think they are the better variety.

The micro-distillery movement has started in the States and there are some really good craft distilled spirits on the market, much better than the mass produces. I have heard really good things about Hangar 1 and many others. I would get them one of these craft vodkas from the states to try, depending on your budget.
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Kettle One is a yuppie wanna-be. Find a true Russian-born, Russian-distilled vodka.

Stolichnaya is the standard for Russian vodkas. Stay away from the designer labels. You'll just insult your visitors.

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Beer is good
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Feb 2006
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If you are trying to impress
Grey goose, Stoly, or Absolute

If they don't know the difference, buy the cheap crap.

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HB Bill

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Old 12-21-2008, 05:19 AM   #16
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Jul 2008
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Hangar one or 360 you wont be sorry.

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Old 12-21-2008, 05:24 AM   #17
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Nov 2007
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It's not russian, but if it's a sippin vodka you want, Tito's handmade is the way to go!
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Aug 2007
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Hey thanks for the replies everyone. I ended up getting some 360 which is what i saw over the guest's place. I'm extremely new to all hard liquor, but again thanks for the advice. I think hard liquor is one of my new frontiers for exploration.

Happy Holidays.
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May 2008
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Originally Posted by enderwig View Post
It's not russian, but if it's a sippin vodka you want, Tito's handmade is the way to go!
+1 on Tito's. Some good stuff there, mixes great and is good straight.

no more rhyming, I mean it...
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Jan 2008
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Don't buy Grey Goose. They'll know you're a douchebag if you serve them that. Probably 80% of all Grey Goose sales are to frat boys.

Pravda, Belvedere, and Ciroc(Ciroc is one of my favorites, hwmbo doesn't like it because of the slight "off" taste - slightly grapey, but not winey, very complex) are all good vodkas. There's a vodka that's showed up in WA state liquor stores lately called Dry Fly that's priced slightly higher than most of the premium vodkas (like $2 more) that's from a microdistillery in WA that I'm going to buy next time we need vodka.

Don't buy Stoli or something if you're drinking it straight. Stoli's a fine mixing vodka but I don't think I'd ever sip it.


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