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Sep 2008
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Do you do the 2 or 3 step batch sparges like beersmith recommends??

Ya know like it tells you to do 3 X 1.4 gallon sparges, or do you just do one big batch sparge???

I'm guessing the multiple sparges is supposed to increase efficiency?? But obviously doing one is a lot easier.
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Oct 2008
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2 batch sparges.
i cannot fit all the water in a 5 gallon tun to do one.

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Feb 2008
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I mash in, let that sit for 60 minutes, then drain. Then fill it up again with the same amount of water, stir and let sit for 10 minutes, then drain. That's pretty well for me.

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Oct 2005
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I do two sparges. For a typical batch, 1st runnings = 50% of the sugars, 1st sparge 33%, 2nd sparge 16%. I've tried one large sparge and the efficiency is much lower.
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Bulls Beers
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I batch sparge in two even sparges..I believe I get great efficiency..
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Jan 2007
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May 2008
Mayodan, NC
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I usually do my Mash. (60 min.) Then, I measure the amount of wort that I get from the first runnings after grain absorption.

I subtract that amount from the total amount of wort needed.

Then divide that by two and run two batch sparges of equal amounts. (I got 79% eff. last batch.)

Did that make sense?

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Old 12-21-2008, 02:01 PM   #8
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Nov 2008
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I do 2 also. 10 gallon round mashtun (cooler) so I cannot fit all the water in at once.

Mash one hour
Batch sparge 15-20 minutes
Batch Sparge 15-20 minutes

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Dec 2007
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another vote for two equal sparges. I would think at some point beyond 2 you might actually start to hurt efficiency by not having enough water in each sparge to properly rinse the grain.
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Jan 2007
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I have done it both ways and prefer one big batch sparge, if it will fit in my mash tun. I just like that it is less work, which is the reason I started batch sparging in the first place.

I know others may have had different experience, but I saw no significant efficiency increase when using two batch sparges. The caveat here is that you must do a hot mash-out if you only do one sparge, if you want to keep your efficiency up.

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