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Originally Posted by Zymurgrafi View Post
See, I guess I do know a "hobby" of hers but I cannot think of anything to get.

She is the one who makes the photo albums and calendars and such. She and I both are artists. She is a graphic designer/professor by trade.
Buy her some supplies then. I don't know what a graphic designer/professor uses in day to day stuff, but if you know of a certain item she uses a lot, or maybe has an old filthy thing that could use upgrading buy her a new one. It sounds like she's more into practical gifts (to a point) than luxury baubles.
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To steal from a tacky line from the movie "Beer for my Horses" just tell her you have something big and warm and it's wrapped in a pair of underwear. Buy her some rubber gloves too, tell her it's an upgrade for the dishwasher. . She'll find this so amusing that the laughter you bring her will be the greatest gift ever.
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Originally Posted by adx View Post
You're screwed then. What ever you do, do not buy her a vacuum cleaner.
Agreed. If you do, then I guess we should all start calling you "Dual Bag"

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Right there with ya man!

My SWMBO has no hobbies, no collections and, as a pilot, she rarely wears jewelry. I struggle to find anything for her. She's talked about wanting to go meteorite hunting, so maybe this year I'll pick up a nifty metal detector, some powerful magnets and a GPS. She's out of the country until February, so I have some time and can take advantage of the after-Christmas sales.

She got me into brewing a year ago by buying me my first kit. She got me a membership to wines of the month this year. Yeah, I'm a lucky man.
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There's always this.


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I am going to give you the ultimate SWMBO gift secret which is cheap and shows you are thoughtful and care. I will even spell out the steps for you so you cant mess it up.

Step 1: go on to your computer and look for digital pictures of you and the swmbo together doing fun stuff, it doesn't matter how old the pictures are, or if they are off center or whatever. You put aside about 10 pictures of the two of you, preferably head shots and the like. You then upload the pictures to your a pharmacy website, I use CVS. com as they have built in photo editing on the web site. You then use the photo editing on the site to appropriately crop the pictures, then you order a copy of each printed out in black and white, get an assortment of sizes both 5x7 and 4x6. If you can't find pictures of the two of you on your hard drive, check your SWMBO's facebook or myspace for pictures of her and her friends and use some of them.

Step 2: Go to the local thrift store or Ikea or pier one and buy a bunch of 3 to 5 dollar frames. the best ones are 5 x 7 and 8x10 you will want to get the larger frames one size larger than the pictures you have ordered so a 5x7 picture goes in an 8x10 frame and a 4x6 picture goes in a 5x7 frame.

Step 3: Go to the pharmacy and pick up your black and white prints, while there buy about 10 sheets of black construction paper. Don't forget to hit on the hot photo clerk...

Step 4: Go home and cut the construction paper to fit inside the frames, then tape the pictures to the construction paper and put the pictures in the frames.

Step 5: Wrap the frames and give to SWMBO. If she works in any type of office setting, these pictures will make pretty much every other woman in the office jealous.

It is an amazing gift. This year I was able to give every single woman I know framed pictures of our group of friends hanging out as a present for under $40 total, amazingly cheap and amazingly great.
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Originally Posted by quixotic View Post
The true definition of an addiction: not stopping even when a dog is having his way with you.:D

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Panties, bras and lingerie are always a good idea. My SWMBO loves to get them because they make her feel sexy. Really, we both benefit from them because I get to look at her before I take them off!

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Z, Two words... Coach Bag. Frugal? NO. Happy SWMBO? HELL YES!
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SWMBO and I have always made it easy on each other. We each find something we want. We tell the other. The other says ok. We order our own christmas present online (or pick it up at the store) and when it gets here, the other says "Merry Christmas!".
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We don't do much for gifts- just the "token" gifts. I think it's super easy to please most women, because it's true that it's the thought that counts.

How about something inexpensive, but still luxurious that she wouldn't buy herself? Like.............a super soft pair of warm gloves; a wonderful scarf; department store bath salts; silk long johns (if you live somewhere cold!); sheepskin lined slippers, something with real cashmere even if it's just the trim on gloves; the photos that were mentioned earlier; a super special Christmas ornament for the tree; a special type of gourmet food if she's into something (like expensive cheese, but only a small amount with the gourmet crackers to go with it); a nice bottle of wine and a note for a "date" in January, when the kids must go to Grandma's (arranged by YOU!); a gift certificate for a pedicure; a coupon book made by you with plenty of coupons for a massage, doing the dishes, a "free" night out with the girls, etc; a goofy handmade trophy for the "world's best wife"; a secretly made home video of you and the kids saying all the ways you love her; chocolates (if she's a chocoholic). Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. But you get the idea- very little money, but meaningful, is what women like.
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