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Dec 2008
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I have a strong ale that has been fermenting for about 10 days, and just realized I hadn't added any fluid to the airlock... Should I be worried about it?

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Oct 2006
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Probably not, Some beers are even fermented in open fermenters.
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I always keep my 3 piece airlocks at least 1/2 to 2/3 full with vodka.

I usually have to add vodka on the 3 day.

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Oct 2008
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10 days is alot though.. only time will tell

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Must be a climate thing. I never add to my airlock. I put the initial load of iodophor in and it can sit for a month or so until I keg it.
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Nov 2008
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Alcohol evaporates faster than water. I use a StarSan solution and I haven't had to add any either, after the initial filling.

To answer the OP's question, I think only time will tell. If the fermenter was tucked away somewhere, like in a closed closet, I bet it will be ok. I had an airlock pop off my secondary and it spilled everywhere. (I was an idiot and fermentation wasn't quite finished) I didn't know it happened for several days and it turned out fine.

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Nov 2008
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im just a noob to brewing but i dont think id use a starsan solution to fill my airlock, i use sterilized water or vodka because if somehow some of it gets sucked into the fermentor (ive had it happen) id rather have water or vodka get in my beer rather than sanitizing sure that small of an amount probably wouldnt make much difference but id still rather have vodka or water than starsan

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Feb 2008
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I used vodka to begin with. Then I used sanitized water. Now, if I forget to save some of it for the airlock I just use water. You're fine. Without the bubbling airlock, what did you do to determine that it was still fermenting? Or did you just state the number of days since you pitched yeast and assumed that it had been fermenting everyone of those days?

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Dec 2008
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Getting some sanitizer like Star San in your beer isn't bad at all. I shouldn't hurt a thing. In fact Star Sans becomes food for yeast so it helps.

The benefit of fermenting is that CO2 is denser than O2 and this is why open fermentation is possible. Because of this not putting water in the airlock is not a big deal because it would be very hard for bacteria to climb upwards into it when CO2 is pushing out. It can happen but it seems rare.

Water just helps seal it and more importantly allows you to see bubbles.
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