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You mentioned champagne yeast so it is likely that the yeast fully fermented the sugars so you are most likely looking at a dry mead. Think dry white wine. But it is hard to know with out hydrometer readings.

Given time some sweetness will come back, although it might not be as much as you'd like. Also the alcohol taste will mellow.

As Insomniac said aging will help improve the flavor. My suggestion is because this is only a 1 gallon batch to wait as long as you can. A year minimum. Now I normally can't wait the full year before I taste my mead but when I do I am always amazed at how the flavor changes over time. Mead making is definitely an exercise in patience.

But while you wait its a perfect time to get another batch going.

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Originally Posted by Insomniac View Post
Im still fairly new to this, but for the beginner/impatient mead maker, your looking at probably 4 months minimum before a taste to see how its getting on, anything before that and it will taste like you described. I am currently drinking mine once they reach the 4 to 6 month range, one bottle every 3 weeks or so to see how they progress. The last bottle however I am keeping for at least a thurther 6 months so i can see what difference a full year will make.
My first real planned out mead was practically undrinkable until the one year mark. Is a strawberry mead, made it for SWMBO last march. Last august it was jet fuel, last christmas it was not so much jet fuel, this may it was DELICIOUS.

Same with the Ancient Orange mead I made last august for everyone to have for christmas. I should've started it in february or march because I found a bottle that I had forgotten about and we opened it up a few weeks ago. OH MY GOD IT WAS GOOD. I had even fudged up the recipe by adding too many cloves, so at christmas time the cloves were overpowering the mead. But now? hot damn it was good. SWMBO's aunt and uncle told me to make them a big five gallon batch of it.

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Hmm this is very intriguing. I once saw a video of B. Nektar Meadery (in michigan I believe) on youtube and they were talking about there new pineapple coconut melomel. The way he described it was "We just fermented pineapple with honey, then, once that was done, threw a crap load of coconutty goodness, and let it soak up all those flavors." Obviously it is slightly more technical than that, but what do yall think?

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